End Up Here

When Ally goes to a 5sos concert , someone slips her a note . It's a phone number ! She finds out that it's michaels! She meets them, and finds herself falling In love with one of the members . And the she— wait ! You'll have to read to find out !


8. chapter 6

Ally's POV

I woke up in the Morning on Monday , and slowly got out of bed and got dressed in black skinny jeans , and a Ramones t-shirt on . I threw on a beanie and my black vans. I put my makeup on and got on the bus . Same routine .

I got off the bus , and walked to my locker. I was getting prepared to get made fun of by Ashley and her "possy" . I put my books in my bag, so she couldn't knock them down. I placed by legs a little bit apart , incase she tried to push me . I closed my locker , so she wouldn't slam it in my face .all of these things has happened . Even worse things have .

Ashley approached. "Wow, you look like my brother!" She said , gesturing towards my clothes . "Really? Your brother must be pretty awesome." I said . I was standing up to her ! "Shut up!" She yelled at me . "Make me!" I yelled back . She was speechless . What have I done? I was so caught up in my glory , I didn't watch my mouth . I was suddenly worried what she was going to do

"Watch your back, or else" she said quietly and walked away . I think it's too late to watch my back .

I walked quickly to the classroom. After a few classes, it was lunch time. Nicole ran up to me. "Ally! What happened!?" She yelled . "Yeah, what happened?" I asked back , confused. "Everyone is talking about how you stood up to Ashley !" She yelled . "Oh Yeah. That happened ." I said nonchalantly. "Ally,I'm worried about you ! " she said. "I'll be fine, Nicky" I responded .

That days passed, and the same thing happened each day . Except , I didn't stand up to Ashley when she bullied me. I wanted to stay safe . And...alive.

Finally , It was Friday .

It was the same day it school . When Ashley came up to me, I expected the same things : "weird close" , "ugly" , "stupid" . But it was different . "Hey, loser , why are you even alive ?" She asked . I isn't get to respond . I opened my mouth , about to talk, when se cut my off . "Save it . You should just kill yourself . No one here cares . Everyone here wants the same thing . For you to die , you bitch." I was speechless . Tears filled my eyes . "Yeah. Go cry like a baby!" She yelled . Some people laughed . I couldn't do this anymore .

I ran to the bathroom. I cried . I didn't have my razor . So I just scraped with my nails . I cried . And cried . The bell rang . I didn't go anywhere . I ran out of the bathroom , when I got a text . "Where r u?" From Nicole . "Home" I send back . I got in my car, and drove home .

I ran to my room , after grabbing some ice cream . I watched a few movies . I got a text :

Kill yourself

-You know who

That was it . I was home, and now I had a razor .

I ran to the bathroom and staring cutting . I cried as blood streamed done my arm , as my tears streamed down my face.

Before I was going to do the deepest one, I heard the familiar lyrics :

She sleeps alone, my heart wants to come home . I wish I was, I wish I was . Beside you .

I ran to get my phone , and answered the call. It was Michael . "Hey ally" he said . "Hi" I said back .

"Ally ,what's wrong?"

"Nothing" I answered . "Ally, what's wrong " he repeated . I sighed . "Do you only talk to me because you fell bad for me?" I asked . "What? Ally , of course not . Your so beautiful . " Michael said .i smiled . "Really?" I asked. "Yes" he answered.

"Now tell me what's wrong." He said . And that's when I explained everything . "And the I cut–" I realized what I said. I shut my mouth . "What?" Michael asked . "Nothing" I answered hastily . "You cut?" He asked . "Maybe" I said after a long Pause. "Hey, come to my hotel now . I'll text you my address . " I smiled . "Yeah" I said .

He sent me his address . I drove there , after I reapplied my makeup , curled my hair, and wiped the blood from my arms. I got to the hotel and went to the room . I knocked on the door . He answered . I smiled widely . "Hey" I said . "Hi" he said . I followed him inside .

"C'mon , ally , today's a relaxing day!" He said . "You don't have to do all that !" I was confused . He walked up to me . He put my hair in a messy bun , and wiped my makeup off . "Your beautiful just the way you are " he said . I started to get tears in my eyes . "No one has ever said that to me " I said. "It's about time " he said . I smiled . "Now c'mon , let's relax . "

We ended up eating ice cream and watching mean girls . I cuddled up to Michael .

The movie almost ended, and the door opened . Luke, calum, Ashton, and Nicole came in really loudly . "Ally, why weren't you at school?" Nicole asked . "Ashley " I said . "Oh" she said quietly

. "Guys , can we all just stay at the hotel tonight?" Michael asked . Everyone agreed .

We finished mean girls , and Michael fell asleep . "Guys , Mikey's asleep" I whispered . Everyone turned to look at Michael. Ashton got a smirk on his face . "Hold on " he said . Ashton entered back into the room with a can of whipped cream .

"We're going old school" he said as he filled Mikey's hand with whipped cream . He grabbed a fake feather ,and tickled Mikey's nose . As planned , Mikey slammed the whip cream into his face .

Everyone burst out laughing . "Screw you!" He yelled , wiping the cream off of his face . He grabbed the whip cream, and started to throw it at me. I screamed. I threw some at calum, and before we knew it , we were having a whipped cream fight . I couldn't stop laughing. We all started to feel tired , and everyone washed off . Everyone except me, I was eating it off of my . "Eww! ally , what are you doing?" Nicole laughed . "Putting this cream to good use, unlike you guys!" I said laughing . We all got into our original spots in the living room , and watched mean girls 2. I was still taking the cream off of me, when I heard Michaels stomach rumble. "I'm Hungary !" He whined . I laughed . "I have and idea!" He said . No one was paying attention to us . He ran his hand up my leg , collecting whipped cream . He got to my thigh .he stopped . My eyes traveled from his hand , to his eyes . We were just staring at each other .

He smashed his lips to mine , and still, no one noticed . He kept deepening the kiss . Luke finally noticed us , after hearing the moaning , and he said "Stop eating each other , we are trying to watch a movie !" Everyone turned around . We stopped kissing . Everyone started cracking up . Ashton started to sing "Michael and Ally sitting In a tree , K-I-S-S-I-N-G . First comes love , then comes marriage them comes the baby in the baby carriage! " things got awkward. "Shut up, ashton!" Michael yelled

. I laughed . We watched the rest of the movie , and I was snuggled up close to Mikey .

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