End Up Here

When Ally goes to a 5sos concert , someone slips her a note . It's a phone number ! She finds out that it's michaels! She meets them, and finds herself falling In love with one of the members . And the she— wait ! You'll have to read to find out !


7. chapter 5

Ally's POV

I woke up around 8am. All the memories from last night came flooding into my memory . I smiled to myself when I remembered the thing about Michael. It was Sunday. I called Nicole and asked her to come over . My parents were going out , so we would be the only ones there . She came over and we sat in the living room. "OMG , Nicole , the best thug happened! " I said to her as she sat down . "What!?" She asked anxiously . "Michael Clifford have me his number and called me beautiful !" I screamed. Her eyes widened . "Are you sure that it's actually him?" She asked. "Yes I'm sure!" I happily said


At that moment , I got a phone call . It was...jake. "I gotta take this." I said to Nicole . She nodded and I walked out of the room .

"Um..jake?" I said into my phone . "Ally" he said. "Uh.... Why did you call?" I asked . "Just wanted to ask about the concert. So, how did it go?" I filled him in on everything . "It sounds like you had an amazing time " he said . "Yeah" I awkwardly responded . "Bye" "bye"

I entered the living room again . "Who was that?" She asked . "Jake" I answered . "Ok" she responded . I then received a FaceTime call. "Ally, you're popular!" Nicole said , laughing . I laughed and looked at the caller ID. Michael ! "It's Michael!" I said . "Answer it !" Nicole shrieked. I answered it and fixed my hair before seeing Mikey's face pop up on my phone.

"Hey ally" he said . "Hey Mikey–I mean Michael " I said awkwardly. "Mikey is fine" he said . I smiled . "Oh! This is my best friend, Nicole !" I introduced . "Hi!" Nicole said excitedly "hey" he said back . "And I think you guys should meet the rest of the boys." He said , and we both got huge grins on our faces.

"Luke!" Mikey called out as he looked to his right. "Yeah" Luke said in the background . "Get ash and cal and come back here " Mikey ordered . "K" Luke answered. A minute later, luke, cal , and Ash came over to the camera and sat down next to Mikey. "Guys, this is Ally, and Nicole. " Mikey said in his adorable accent . "Hey" I said casually . "Hi" Nicole said . They all greeted us. "And I think we know all of your names." Nicole said . "Oh, and that was a great performance last night " I said to them . "Thanks!" They all said . "What was your favorite part ?" Ashton asked . "Uhh.." Nicole and I both said as the others laughed . "All of it! " I said as I put my arms up . They all laughed .

"So, we're here for another week , i think ,because California is really cool, and I wondered if we could all hang out Friday after school , at 4:00, at our hotel ." Mikey asked . "Sure!" We both answered in unison . We both laughed . "Ok, see you Guys then. Bye!" We hung up . Friday will be awesome . But tomorrow is Monday . School, Yay😒

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