End Up Here

When Ally goes to a 5sos concert , someone slips her a note . It's a phone number ! She finds out that it's michaels! She meets them, and finds herself falling In love with one of the members . And the she— wait ! You'll have to read to find out !


6. chapter 4

Ally's POV

After the concert ended , everyone left . Nicole and I were the last people to leave because since we were in the second row , it was a hustle to get out and the front row left in a hurry. I was leaving , when a security came up to me. "Ma'am, I believe you dropped this." He said , shoving a piece of paper towards me . "No, I don't think that's mine" I said politely . "I'm pretty sure it is" he said as he handed it to me and walked away. "That was weird " .Nicole stated. "I know right?what was his problem?" . After that , we left the stadium and Nicole dropped me off at my house

I went into my room and thought about the amazing night I had. I looked in my bag and pulled out the paper the security guard gave me . It read "call me ," and then had a phone number. Wait, why would a security guard want me to call him?

I decided to text instead. Here's the conversation :

Me: hey , who is this?

Anonymous: so you got my number

Me: yeah , who is this?

Anonymous: I guess that guard actually followed my orders

Me: what? Who is this?

Anonymous: sorry. It's Michael . Michael Clifford.

Me: your jk, right?

Anonymous : Nope. I saw you at the concert in the second row , with your friend , and I thought that you were beautiful


Anonymous: yeah . I gtg . Goodnight

Me: goodnight

I turned my phone off in shock. Michael Clifford ? What? He called me beautiful! I'm so confused! I decided to drop it and go to sleep .

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