End Up Here

When Ally goes to a 5sos concert , someone slips her a note . It's a phone number ! She finds out that it's michaels! She meets them, and finds herself falling In love with one of the members . And the she— wait ! You'll have to read to find out !


5. chapter 3

Ally's POV

We arrive at the stadium. I was still nervous about the whole "jake" thing . I needed to let go and get loose tonight . We handed our tickets to the security , and got in our row , the second one . It was expensive , but worth it . We basically just sat there Talking to other fans and then the lights go out . We all start to cheer

Lights start to flash around the room . Everyone stands up . We here a familiar voice . "Woooooh!" Cheered calum in the mic. as he ran on stage . The cheering gets louder . The other 3 boys run on stage and the screaming hurts my ears . I smiled and laughed to myself . I didn't really have a favorite in the band , they all just basically hit me in the feels

I hear the first few strums of the guitar and I automatically knew the song . Heartbreak Girl. I sang along .

At the end of the concert, ashton yelled "hey! Before we go, we'll be answering some questions! " I immediately rose my hand. A few other girls got picked and they all said something like "can I get a photo " or "autograph" . But I finally got Luke's attention out of thousands of other girls. He said "the girl with blonde hair !" He yelled . I smiled and asked my question . "Can ashton sing a song?" I asked . Ashton did sing at this concert , but only like 2 lines

Ashton laughed "sure , mate" he said . Even though ash didn't sing it, he started to song amnesia while luke calum and Mikey played along . After the song ended , everyone went crazy.

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