End Up Here

When Ally goes to a 5sos concert , someone slips her a note . It's a phone number ! She finds out that it's michaels! She meets them, and finds herself falling In love with one of the members . And the she— wait ! You'll have to read to find out !


3. chapter 2

Ally's POV : after school , I headed home . I called Nicole and told her to start getting ready for the concert . I started to get ready. I threw on a black skirt on with a white shirt that had the 5SOS symbol on it and some black and white converse. In the middle of my mascara, I heard the familiar song , beside you . It was my phone ringer. I looked to see who was calling . Jake . I immediately declined , remembering what Ashley said .

I got many calls and texts from jake , like "hey what r u doin","hello ? " , "why aren't you answering ?" "What did I do ? " and the last one , "I'm coming over " oh no . What if Ashley finds out !!! I'm toast !

The concert wouldn't start for another 5 hours. I saw jake pull up in his rusty pick up truck. He hopped out. I immediately ran up to my room and locked my door . I wasn't going to let him in. Ashley lives across the street, and knowing what kind of girl she is , she was probably watching jake.

I heard the doorbell ring . Then again . And again . He started pounding on the door . I plugged in my earbuds and listened to "a love like war " by all time low . A minute later , I heard a knocking sound on my window . Crap . I forgot that jake could climb the tree and get up here (what a cliche, IKR ?) . I opened the window and he hopped in my room . "Why didn't you a least let me know that you were okay ? " he immediately started . " I didn't get them " I lied. "Ally, my phone says that you read them . "Well you better get a phone that works " I said .

He just stared at me . "Ally , you can tell me anything , your one of my best friends ." He said desperately . "I just..... Ashley threatened me " I spat out . " Ashley ? Ally, she's not a threat to us ." He said .

"Uh , she kind of is , remember what happened to— ...... " I trailed off . "Listen, please don't get Isabelle involved with this. Isabelle was jakes younger sister . She stood up to Ashley and didn't follow her rules . And look where she is now . Dead . Ashley blamed it on jakes dad , and now the judge found him guilty. Jake only lives with his mother. The only family he has left .

"I'm sorry I brought her up " I apologized . "It's fine , ally "he said . "If we can just get away from her..." His voice trailed off . "We ?" I questioned. He leaned In to my ear . "We can run away together " he whispered . I was confused , but then he kissed me . Sparks flew

. Wait , this isn't right. I pushed him away. "What did I do wrong ? " he asked "nothin " I answered . "But Ashley ...." I said . "We can't get away from her " I said . "I know . I was just imagining " he said

"The concert starts soon , I think you should go " I said " yeah " he said awkwardly . "But ally , I.... Um-.... I really like you " he said . Before I could respond , he pecked me on the cheeks and hastily climbed out the window and down the tree . Nicole pulled in to pick me up just as jake was leaving . "What happened ?" She asked me once she got inside . "Why was jake here ? " "nothing happened " I answered .

"Abby ......." Nicole said making sure that I was okay . "Yeah , I'm totally fine , there's nothing to worry about " I said ."if you say so " she said, her voice trailing off . Now let's go to that concert !" She exclaimed

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