"Espella, Espella, Espella. Will you learn every action has a consequence?"


1. Teachers and Birthday Unsurprises

"Espella, what did I say about doodling in class?" Mrs.Festernatch says as I look up from my paper,

"Not to do it, it is a distraction. But I wasn't I was taking notes!" I shout back at her,

"Espella don't play dumb, just admit you did it!" Mrs.Festernatch shouts back at me, she's always out to get since I may or may not been the reason she broke up with my dad.

"Mrs.Festernatch Espella wasn't doodling she was actually writing notes." My best friend Peony, who Mrs.Festernatch loves, tells her.

"I'll take your word Peony." Mrs.Festernatch says,

"Thanks." I whisper to Peony,

"No Problem." Peony whispers back.


As I walk home from school Peony catches up with me.

"Hey, can I come over?" Peony asks me as she catches up up with me,

"I'll have to ask my mom but if she says yea then sure." I say as I grab my phone and text my mom,

Espella:Hey momcan Peony come over?

Mom:Sure is her mom ok with it?

Espella:I'll check

Espella:Yea she's ok with it

"You can my mom is okay with it."I say as I put my phone back in my backpack.

"Okay, I'll race you!" Peony shouts as she starts running,

"Hey! You know I don't run well!"I shout back as I chase after her,

"Your loss!" She shouts.

As I chase after her I trip over a rock.

"Ow..."I mummer.

"Come on Espella, that's the oldest trick in the book!" Peony says as she looks back at me,

"No I'm actually hurt Peony.It burns." I shout at her,

"Come on Espella," Peony says as she walks over, "Okay somebody needs to put a bandaid on that!"

"Lets just walk to my house, okay?" I say as Peony helps me up.

"Sure." She responds.


"So what are you doing for your project with Serena?" Peony asks as she grabs a book off my shelf,

"We're making an fully edible cell model." I say as I grab my backpack and open it to show Peony the food Serena and I are using.

"That's cool, Elsa, Mia,  and I don't know yet. But I promise we won't steal your idea." Peony says as she looks down at her phone.

"Is it time for track already?" I say frowning,

"Yea, I have to go today we have a race against Chelan tomorrow." Peony says as she grabs her purple bag,

 "I wish I could do track." I say looking over at Peony,

"Maybe you could if you fill out the forms." Peony says as she walks over to my door,

"Nah, I got dance. And my mom most likely will say no." I say as Peony walks out the door,

"Well bye." I hear as she shuts the door.


As I draw I can hear the sounds of cars pulling up.

"It's nothing." I mumble to myself.

I hear the front door open and footsteps fill the silence. As I look at the window I see someone outside among the cars, Peony.

As I open my bedroom door I see random people in my house.

"Surprise?" I hear someone say as shocked faces fill the room.

"What's going on!" I shout.

People mumble words, I'm sorry's were said. I guess my mom didn't forget my birthday.

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