95: Awakening

After an unexpected attack, RASA; a special ops organization, classified outside the government, learn that a new global threat is being processed. The only thing that can stop them is a top-notch, fearless, ruthless, and perfect soldier, created using the most advanced technology: 95. 95 is in for the ultimate challenge, along with Agent Roswell, and Agent Greenwood, to prevent the end of the world.
Note: There are some Russian sentences in this story, but it's nothing important, I just wanted to make it as realistic as possible :)


1. Night Zero

Night Zero

Agent Greenwood

The Pentagon


January 19, 2024


The night was dark, as I walked along the pathway, toward my own personal ride to the Pentagon. There were many things wandering through my mind, such as, what the hell is going on? The sounds of sirens, and the helicopter, which I had just exited, to proceed to Operation: Dead Night. Which I had no intel on, due to me being alerted just two hours ago, at the RASA Organization.

I was tired, but I had no choice to go or not, due to me being the only agent with a high enough rank, which grants you entrance into the Pentagon. There was some serious shit going on, no doubt, but what was it, and why is the operation named "Dead Night?" I couldn't tell over the sounds of sirens and cell phones ringing. Whatever was happening, it was serious. Very serious.

A former colleague of mine, named Roger Domes, walked toward me, with his famous Oakley sunglasses on. "Well, if it isn't Norman Greenwood, my old friend", he said with a sarcastic grin.

"Haha. Very funny, Roger, or should I call you, Mr. Shades?", I replied.

Roger looked at me with a dumb look on his face, then he came to his senses. "Good to see you again, Greenwood."

"Same here, Domes. Now, cut the shit-talk. What the fuck is going on here?"

"I'm not the one to tell you."

"Then who is?"

"A special-ops agent. He is waiting for you, inside a secret sector of the Pentagon."

"This should be interesting."

"Indeed. Let's get moving."

"Right. God. It's better than listening to sirens and cell phones."

"Hehe. Same old Greenwood."

"Let's get the fuck out of here."

"Very well. Follow me, Greenwood."

Roger guided me to the car, through the crowds of agents of the Pentagon. Most of them were saluting to me, due to my reputation being in the high leagues. I also recognized some of the agents, due to visiting the Pentagon five years ago, when I prevented a massive terrorist attack on the United States.

I was rewarded the Medal of Dedication and Courage, and was promoted to class A, as an agent of RASA. The attack was nothing like Osama Bin Laden's fucked up plans, which started World War III, which is slowly, starting to end, due to Obama's years of commanding our country being over.

It was like Judgement Day, when I stopped the terrorist attack. I was able to hack their systems, and stop the broadcast, giving the command to proceed. That day was hell, but in the end, I became an American hero, that might go down in the books, unless RASA decides to keep it classified.

At the car, Roger opened the back door, and greeted me into the back of the car, which was more like a private lounge, with a bottle of champagne on the side of each seat. I sat down, and watched, as Roger made his way into the car, and sat on the seat across from me. I saw him grab a radio from his pocket. "Proceed."

The car started to drive, slowly, to the Pentagon's doors, where I would be escorted to the special-ops agent Roger told me about. Roger reached in his pocket, and pulled out a packet of cigarettes. He caught me staring. "Want a drag, Greenwood?"

"No, thanks. I quit that shit years ago."

"Okay, okay. No need to get arrogant."

"I wasn't being arrogant."

"I know. I was just teasing ya."

"Asshole." Both of us laughed, as Roger lit the Marlboro-brand cigarette.

"We're almost to the Pentagon, so I suggest you start practising your best first impression."

I rolled my eyes. "I'll be fine. I've spoken with the president, governor, Secretary of Defense, and even Congress."

"Alright. Don't do anything to piss this guy off."

"I won't. Besides, won't you be there with me?"

"Hell. Only those with the highest ranks are allowed in this top secret sector."

"Either way, I'll be fine."

"I hope you will be, because we're here." Roger took a drag of his cigarette, then he opened the back door, and stepped out of the car. I didn't waste any time, and made my way out of the car, only to be greeted by two heavy-armed agents of the Pentagon.

"Mr. Greenwood, welcome to the Pentagon", said one of the agents.


"If you would please follow us, we will take you to the agent. He said he wanted to see you, and you only."

"Why? What's so special about me?"

"Unknown. He has his own reasons, I suppose."

"Just as I thought. This is going to be interesting, indeed."

"This way, Mr. Greenwood."

The two agents opened the doors of the Pentagon, allowing me through first. I continued on, into the large building, that had a scent of a mixture of cigars and cigarettes. One smell I couldn't stand the least. The building's front office of secretaries and techies, was huge, and continued to grow, the more I walked toward the main hall, to where the head of the Pentagon sat.

The two guards, stopped me at a wall. "Mr. Greenwood. Understand this. You are to never speak of the location of this sector, for it has never been entered, until now. This sector has existed, ever since the day the Pentagon was built. It was kept secret, as back-up last resort."

"You have my word. I shall never speak of this sector, or its location."

"Excellent. Now, Mr. Greenwood. Prepare to be amazed, for what you are about to see, is the most highly developed material ever created."

"I'm ready. Show me the sector."

The agent pressed against the wall, with his right hand, until the wall collapsed inward.  The agent slid the wall open, revealing a long hallway. "Mr. Greenwood. Welcome to Sector Zero."

"What now?"

"Just walk down the hallway. You'll come to a room, and the special-ops agent will be waiting for you."

"Alright." I walked into the sector, and started walking down the hallway, to the room, where I would meet the agent. I didn't have to walk long, because I came to a wide open conference room, and immediately, spotted the agent. He looked up at me with a serious look on his face.

"State your name", he said in a low tone.

"Norman Greenwood."

The agent calmed himself, and placed a 22 caliber pistol, on the table, taking the clip out as well. "Mr. Greenwood. Excuse my behavior."

"No problem. You can't ever be too careful."

The agent smiled. "Please. Have a seat. We have much to discuss."

"Finally. Answers to this operation."

"Yes. Mr. Greenwood, but I doubt you'll like the answers."

I got a bad feeling in my stomach. "What is going on, exactly?"

"Terrorism. That's what."

"Who's causing havoc this time?"

"Mr. Greenwood. A very dangerous terrorist organization called, Rypornet."

"They can't be that dangerous."

"They are. Rypornet is a global terrorist organization."

"Global!? You're shitting me!"

"I'm not. This organization can do many things to not just the world, but also to people."

"What do you mean?"

"They are known for turning people in sleepers; people unaware that they have been corrupted by the bastards, until a secret code is spoken to them, and they become ruthless brutes, designed to do something they were programmed to do."

"That sounds as if they are robots."

"It gets worse. Once the victim has done their duty, they are programmed to kill themselves, leaving no evidence."

"Fuck. How many sleepers do you think they have right now?"

"I'd say over a thousand, but there is a way to save the sleepers from doing what they are programmed to do."

"What is that?"

"Prevent the worldwide broadcast, which will be the day the world comes to an end, and kill the leader of the organization, otherwise known as, Jonaua Acostauo."

The agent reached down, and grabbed a binder then tossed it onto the table. "This is everything you need to know about Rypornet. You have to stop them, at all costs, otherwise, in less than a year, the world will be destroyed."

"But, how do I even find their organization?"

"There's a small microchip in the folder. If you can hack into it, you will be able to locate every single bit of Rypornet's organization. I wish you luck."

"One last question. How do you know all this?"

"I was once one of them, but I didn't know they were terrorists, so don't think I'm a traitor. Now, Mr. Greenwood, you need to hurry up, and leave this place. An attack not too far from the United States, occurred four hours ago."

"Son of a bitch!" I grabbed the folder, and started to dart out of the room, when suddenly, a huge explosion, from outside the sector, went off. My ears were ringing, and I knew that I was in trouble, so I braced myself for any enemy agents. "Hand me your gun!"

"Here! Take my AK-47!" The agent tossed the assault rifle toward me, and I quickly, grabbed the gun.

"I owe you a ton! Thank you! Now, if you excuse me. I gotta go blow some heads off!" Right as I went to exit the room, the secret entrance to the room was blown to bits. "Shit!" I ran toward the table to cover myself from getting shot. I could hear the Rypornet agents speaking in Russian, yelling something.

"Выходи! Верните украденный микрочип для нас, и мы не будем делать ничего плохого. Я не буду просить снова!"

I didn't understand Russian, so I didn't know what to do.

"Последний шанс, то я стреляю!"

I gripped the AK-47, and slowly, clicked the safety off, then held it to my shoulder. With one breath, I pointed the gun at one of the soldiers, and fired multiple rounds of bullets. Once the Rypornet agent was dead, I aimed at the other soldier, pulled the trigger, and in less than two seconds, he was on the ground, bleeding to death.

With no hesitation, I rushed around the table, toward the agent. For some reason, he wasn't moving, and blood was leaking down the side of his chair. Right as I was about to open my mouth, I spotted a wound around the stomach area, where a bullet had penetrated his skin. He must have gotten caught in a crossfire, and immediately, I knew he was done for.

He was pinned to the chair, as if he was glued to it, and was gasping for breath. Shit. I was supposed to protect him, but somehow, he was caught in the gunfire. "Fucking Russian bastards." That was when I noticed the agent's pupils were completely colorless, meaning he was dead. Fuck.

"You served our country well. I promise to destroy these motherfuckers, at all costs!" That's all I said, as I walked out of the room with the AK-47 against my chest.


I was expecting heavy resistance, so I raised the gun up to my shoulder, waiting for the enemy to show themselves. It didn't take long, as soon as I heard a Russian yell "FIRE!" Before any gunfire could erupt, I pulled the trigger and watched as the bullets penetrated the Rypornet agents, splattering their blood on the portraits of former presidents and other political leaders.

The room was cleared of any enemy forces, but I knew it was only going to be temporary. I needed to contact the outside, but had no phone, radio, or any other communitcation device with me, so I started to think of a possible way to do it from inside. This was the Pentagon,so there had to be some sort of gadget around that I could use.

I moved further into the room, staring in horror at the corpses of innocent people. A sight I was far too familiar with. During an assault against a druglord, I was caught up in crowds of people, and in the process, was being shot at from all sorts of angles. I did my best to warn the people on the streets, to get to safety, but they couldn't hear me over gunfire. In the end, due to a grenade exploding, dozens of innocent people died. It made me sick, looking at them.

I was near the entrance to the Pentagon, now blocked by debris, feeling useless. That was when I heard a faint cry for help. At first, I thought I was just hearing things, but another cry for help came from under a desktop. "Hello!?" At first, there was nothing, then a female voice erupted.

"Please! I'm stuck!"

"Where are you?!"

"Over here!" A arm started waving from under a desk, signalling for help.

"Don't move." I rushed to where the arm was waving, only to see a lady stuck underneath debris. She wasn't very old, probably in her early twenties. Blonde hair, thin body, clothing that shows a ton of cleavage; the average young adult.

"Please. Help me." She had tears coming out of her eyes, causing her mascara to smear down her face. She looked like a female version of Alice Cooper.

"Don't worry. I'm going to help you. What's your name?"


"Okay, Barbara. I need you to hold still, while I lift this debris off you."




I grabbed the large piece of debris, and lifted it with all my strength off the young lady. "Crawl out." The lady did as I commanded and crawled out, just like a baby learning to crawl. As soon as she was clear of the debris, I dropped the debris back to the ground, causing dust to rise. I moved away from the debris, coughing my lungs out, to the lady's side.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Thank you, Mr.....


"Alright. Thank you, Mr. Greenwood."

"My pleasure. Now, I need your help."

The young female looked at me with confusion. "How can I be of help?"

"I need to contact the outside, and speak to someone that knows how to get out of here."

"The people that attacked, destroyed every computer in this room, but there is another way, but it may not work."

"Please. Any way of communication, even if it might fail, will work."

"Very well." The young lady rushed over where she was trapped before, and slid open a drawer. She pulled out what looked like a pen, then rushed back over to me. She held out the pen, and handed it to me.

"A pen?"

"No. That's what it was designed to look like."

"Then what is it?"

"Click the top of the pen, and you'll find out."

I didn't argue or question her, and slowly clicked the top of the pen. Suddenly, a visual holographic screen glowed out from the side of the pen. "It's a map."

"Not only that. It's also a radio and warfare communication device. I'm surprised it works, seeing it hasn't been used since 2008."

"How do you use the radio?"

"Home in on a device nearby. The devices will appear on the screen. Tap the device, and the system will do the rest."

"Thanks." I looked at the screen, looking for any device names I recognized. I spotted one I recognized very well, labeled as Rogerthedodger101. "That's Roger, alright." I tapped on the screen, waiting for it to contact Roger's cell phone. It didn't take long.


"Roger. This is Greenwood."

"Greenwood! Thank god!"

"What the hell just happened?! Why is Rypornet here?!"

"Your guess is as good as mine. I had no clue that they were even within distance of the Pentagon."

"There has to be someone out there that is communicating with Rypornet."

"Greenwood, there's no possibility of me locating the undercover Rypornet agent."

"I'm not asking that. I have what I need, and just want to get the fuck out of here. Do you know any exits, besides the front door, near my position."

"I don't. Sorry, but your probably on your own. Wait. I'll try and get as much intel from people out here about the Pentagon, I'll comm you, as soon as I've figured out anything helpful. Good luck."

"Roger that. See ya on the other side." I lost communication with Roger, meaning he had hung up his phone. "Barbara, get to a safe location, and stay there."

"Okay. Good luck, Mr. Greenwood."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Barbara ran off to hide somewhere, while I moved forward into hell.

Night Zero

Agent Greenwood

The Pentagon


January 19, 2024


I had killed over fifty Rypornet agents by the time I reached a safe spot. My ears were ringing from the constant sound of gunfire, and my shirt was covered in my victims' blood. My shoulder was sore from the AK-47's kick, whenever I fired a shot at an enemy.

I rubbed my shoulder, realizing I hadn't felt a gun's kick for over a year, so I was wondering if I could make it out of the Pentagon alive, without breaking my shoulder, or dislocating my shoulder. All I could do right now, was think of some way out, but the building was swarmed with enemy forces. I really was in hell.

I was hoping to get a transmission from Roger, but he still hadn't contacted me. Hard to believe that he was my only hope of finding an exit out, without running into a hoard of enemy forces. The file that the agent had provided to me was gripped hard in my fist, not letting go.

This info was the only lead RASA would have on tracking down these bastards, so our squad could destroy their operation down. I knew one thing for sure; I couldn't get captured, or they'll change me into a sleeper. It was scary to even think of it, but this shit was real, so I had to accept the truth.

This situation reminded me of a mission back in 2004, when our forces were all eliminated, except me. It was night, and I was injured severely, to the point of where I was vulnerable to any threat that approached me. All I was hoping for was reinforcements, but when I contacted RASA through my radio, there was no answer.

My first instinct was that our organization had been eliminated by the enemy forces, but it was actually a diversion, to fool the enemy. By midnight, after sitting in a ditch for hours, my wish had been granted. RASA reinforcements arrived, and they eliminated all enemy forces.

Roger found me, and immediately, rushed me to medical attention. As a result, I can't walk as well as I used to, but I can still kill enemy forces, with no problems. The injury had made me unable to do anything, for over two months, but it was for the best, otherwise I wouldn't be walking at all.

I came back to reality, and focused on what was happening now. Suddenly, my radio was receiving a call, so I quickly grabbed the visual device and answered the transmission. "What have you found out?"

"Greenwood, I spoke to some of the Pentagon's experts. Ones that know where the exits are."

"Then talk to me. Where is the nearest exit? I need to get out of this hornet nest, before I get killed."

"There's a hall close to your location. If you take it, you should find a window."

"I have no gear to propel down a building."

"Our forces will help you. They will be waiting to escort you into a helicopter."

"What about the rest of the Rypornet agents in the building?"

"They'll be taken care of. Now, get to the window. The helicopter is waiting."

"I owe you one. See you in a few minutes."

"Good luck."

Roger ended the transmission, so I stuck the device back in my pocket. "Time to get out of hell." I cocked the AK-47, ready to take on anything that stood in my way.

I lifted myself off the ground, hearing my knees pop as I did. Holding the AK-47 as close as possible, I turned toward a long hall; the one Roger was referring to. I slowly, walked down the extended hall, and was quickly surrounded by Rypornet agents that had been hiding in the shadows. Great. Just great.

I aimed the AK-47 at the nearest agent, and pulled the trigger. Before he could even respond, he was already on the ground, dead. My assault continued, as I shot and killed each agent one-by-one. The agents were all dead, so I started moving toward the exit, limping.

I hadn't realized that I'd been shot in the leg, and even though it hurt, I brushed the pain aside. Nearing the end of the hall, to the right I could see a window; I was home-free. Just as I was about to reach the window, A voice yelled out from behind me, so I turned around, only to see a Rypornet agent, with his weapon pointed right at me.

I attempted to lift the AK-47 up to my shoulder, so I could kill the agent, but before I could get the weapon to my shoulder, the Rypornet agent fired, and struck my right shoulder. The AK-47 fell to the ground, along with me.

"Now that you're defenceless, if you hand over the intel that my former agent provided to you, I, along with the rest of my agents will depart."

It was hard to respond, due to the pain. "In the end, your organization will destroy us all!"

"Don't you want to live to see your last days? No matter what you do, I will get the intel, so what will it be, American?"

I was too injured to refuse, so I knew he had me no matter what. "Here." I tossed the folder toward the agent. "Now, get out of here."

"I'm a man of my word. Enjoy your last days of life." The Rypornet agent grabbed the folder from the floor, and walked off. I sat on the floor, watching my blood stain the tile, then I slowly, passed out. I failed.


"Hey! Greenwood! Wake up, man! Wake up!"

I opened my eyes, only to see Roger above me. "What happened?"

"We found you passed out. We were able to patch up the wound, you're lucky to be alive, Greenwood."

"I had no choice, but to give that bastard the intel."

Roger looked at me with a disgusted look. "We lost. Didn't we?"

I expressed a small smile. "No. We haven't lost yet." I reached into my pocket, and grabbed the small microchip containing all the locations of Rypornet's organizations.

"You son of a bitch. I knew you would find a way to keep this operation alive."

"We need to get this to Tarron; our tech. This contains the key to defeating these fuckers."

"We're on the way back to RASA right now."

"Good. Now, the real action begins."









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