31 Days Of Halloween

A horror story for each day of October! Needless to say, these will be scary! So if you are easily frightened, or are triggered by scary things, take caution when reading these. PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO // NOT // OWN ANY OF THESE STORIES UNLESS SPECIFICALLY SAID SO. Thank you and enjoy! Have a fun and super spoopy halloween, my spoopies!~ c:


4. 10/4/14 - Knock

I heard a knock.

And then another.

Another after that.

It's coming from the front door. The knocks seem perfectly spaced with around 2 seconds in between each one. It's 3 a.m. and the closest house from here is over 3 miles away with no phone service on my cell. I'm home alone, parents on vacation, with nothing but my yorkie, Muffy, who randomly started barking around 1 a.m. but has stopped ever since the knocking began.

I'm on the second floor in my bedroom. I know my dad has a shotgun locked away in his bedroom but I don't know the code and I'm afraid to make a sound. I just want whatever this is to go away.

Fuck it.

Okay, so I just went downstairs and opened the door, steak knife by my side. I found a pendulum-like machine set up against my door, hitting it every 2 or so seconds. I'm pretty fucking weirded out but a little relieved to find no one around. Talk about a shitty prank.

I picked it up and closed the door, went to the kitchen to put the knife away when I notice something written on the machine;

curiosity killed the cat

I just heard the front doorknob squeak.

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