I Miss You

When the members of the popular band 5 Seconds Of Summer spend two weeks off in New York City, Ashton visits the spot where the love of his life and childhood friend Lindsey Martin broke his heart. Calum and Michael oblivious to the fact that Ashton is still hung up on his ex, are fixated on proving that Luke's new crush, a blogger named Elena Stewart is a stalker. When they decide to investigate her past further, they realize she's much worse than a stalker. In fact, if she and Luke are together it may just rip the band apart.


3. We Just Wanted A Snack

* I apologize if this chapter isn't very good. This story gets better, I promise. :) *

    After four long hours in an SUV, the boys of 5SOS had finally arrived in NYC. They were tired, but only Michael had actually fallen asleep. As soon as their driver pulled up in front of the grand Cambridge hotel Calum was shaking him awake.

    "Dude! Wake up, we're here!" he exclaimed. Michael groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

    "We're in New York?" he asked groggily.

    "Yep." Calum's eyes surveyed the large crowd of girls holding 5SOS posters crowded in front of the hotel. Michael saw them too and his eyes widened.

    "Whoa. How did all these fangirls find out where we'd be staying?" he asked.

    "The fandom works in mysterious ways." Calum responded. The boys had no choice but to get out of the car and push through the crowd of screaming teenagers, protected by bodyguards who went ahead. The girls shrieked as they asked for pictures, shouted the boys names, asked for autographs. Some even went as far as reaching out to touch them and Ashton accidentally got scratched by a very long fingernail. He didn't say anything though. He was too tired and miserable.

    "Whoa. Those girls are crazy." Michael remarked once they got inside, safe from the screaming. Some girls banged on the hotel doors even after they'd been shut. They still shouted the boys names.

    The boys checked in, then were led to their rooms. The luggage would be brought in later. Michael and Calum shared one room, Ashton and Luke shared one across the hall. Michael immediately went to bed, Calum decided to go take a shower and Luke was hungry so he decided to go in search of a vending machine for a snack -instead of just ordering pizza or something.

    "Hey Ash, you wanna come with me in search of a vending machine or something?" he asked. Ashton was sitting on his bed on his side of the room...going through Lindsey's Twitter feed. He looked up when Luke spoke.

    "Oh what? Oh, yeah, sure." he answered.

    "What are you doing? Texting someone?"

   "Nah, just looking through Twitter, nothing important. Come on, let's go." The boys left their room and headed off down the long, winding hallway of the hotel. They walked through the maze-like hallways, trying to locate a snack machine in vain. But they were kind of busy goofing around to really remember what they were searching for in the first place. Luke helped Ashton take his mind off of Lindsey by talking about really stupid things and asking dumb questions. He could tell his friend was upset and wanted to cheer him up somehow. Apparently it was working.

    Something else -or someone else- was going to take his mind of off Lindsey as well.

   Ash was too busy laughing at the weird monkey face Luke was making when he ran into a girl. He stopped laughing and stepped back as she stumbled backwards a little bit.

    "Oh, I'm sorry." she apologized.

   "No worries. Are you okay?" Ashton asked, staring down at her, slightly concerned. She looked up, studying his face, her sharp green eyes searching his. He smiled a little. She was only a couple inches shorter than him, with pale skin, a slightly narrow face, a pointy nose, dark auburn hair and a tough, curious look about her. Ashton thought she was intriguing. She wore a black knee length dress, a white apron around it, knee high socks and black shoes. She still looked good in the bland uniform. He smiled slightly as she continued to study him. She seemed stuck, her slightly confused expression hadn't changed. It hadn't even wavered in the slightest.

    "Are you okay?" Ashton repeated, slightly raising an eyebrow.

   "Oh, yeah! I'm fine!" she said, shaking her head as if shaking herself back into reality. "I-I'm sorry, again, I, um...better get going." Mindy started walking beyond the tall, cute Australian and his blonde companion with a lip ring. But he reached out and grabbed her arm, his grip firm but gentle, making her turn and look at him again.

    "Wait. Do you think you can help us out?" he asked. "My friend and I are looking for a vending machine."

   "Um...yeah sure." Mindy nodded, slowly pulling away from his gentle -and warm- touch. "Follow me." She started walking down the hallway in the opposite direction she'd been heading. Ash and Luke followed closely behind.

    "I'm Ashton." Ashton greeted. "And this is Luke."

    "Hi. I'm Mindy." she introduced herself. Ashton and Luke? Weren't those the names of two members in 5 Seconds Of Summer? she wondered. She glanced at the boys again. They did look familiar and she was quite familiar with their faces. Elena had their posters plastered all over the walls of the room that they shared. And 5SOS was supposed to be staying at the Cambridge...could it be? It wasn't impossible, but there was only one way to find out.

    "Um...are you guys from...um...5 Seconds Of Summer? The band? I-I'm just curious." she murmured nervously.

    "We are." Ashton answered. "Why? Are you a fan?"

    "Um...yeah." Mindy nodded. She was not about to tell them that she only knew two of their songs. "My sister is a mega superfan though. She has posters of your faces plastered all of the walls of our room and listens to you guys 24/7."

    "Oh really? Well that's sweet." Ashton said.

    "Yeah." Mindy nodded. "You guys are really special to her."

   "And she's special to us." Ash told her, smiling brightly. He had dimples. This made him even cuter than before. Mindy felt her heart race, her stomach flutter and her face heat up. Man was he cute. She only felt that way when she looked at Marcus, who probably felt that way when he looked at Stacia.

    "So how'd you get in here anyway?" she asked nervously, looking away from him. "There's like a mob of girls out front."

    "We had to push through them." Luke told her.

    "Yeah I think I got scratched." Ashton replied, glancing at a faint mark on his arm.

   "Well if it's one thing I know about crazy teen girls, it's that their nails are sharp. Especially my sister's." Mindy told them. "She's like a cat." Luke laughed and Ashton giggled. It was so cute that Mindy couldn't help but smile. Wow was this guy making her heart pound. Looked like Marcus wasn't the only fish in the sea.

    "So...where are the rest of the guys?" Mindy asked.

    "Back at their hotel room. We've had quite a long day." Luke told her. Mindy nodded.

   "Yep. My days just seem to fly by sometimes." she mumbled. What had she done that day? Well when she got home from work at 6 am, she went home, ate a leftover piece of bread, then slept till about 4:30. Yep. Quite eventful.

    They continued to walk in slightly awkward silence until they got to the snack machine.

    "Can I buy you something?" Ashton asked, looking Mindy right in the eyes.

    "Uh..." she really wanted to say yes, those bright eyes of his wanted her to, but she had other things to do. She couldn't accept snacks from cute Australian drummers, at least not right then. "...maybe another time. I really gotta get to work."

    "Oh. Right. Sorry." Ashton blushed and looked away.

   "I guess I'll see you around." Mindy said, starting to walk backwards in the direction they had just come from. "It was really nice meeting you boys."

    "It was nice meeting you too." Luke called. Ashton waved and the two of them watched as Mindy turned her back and continued walking. Wow. she thought. Ash is so much cuter in real life then on a poster.

    "Well that girl was cute." Luke remarked.

    "I call dibs." Ashton replied quickly.

    "What?! You can't call dibs on a girl. That's a living breathing being! Not just some object to claim!"

   "Dude, you called dibs on Rebecca Dole back in high school, remember?" Ashton raised an eyebrow and Luke looked away sheepishly.

    "Just get a snack already." he grumbled.


  Mindy opened the door to room 508, just a floor above the one she just met Ashton and Luke in. She couldn't get Ash's smile or giggle out of her memory. His girlfriend was so lucky.

    Room 508 wasn't too messy. The bed sheets were tousled, the pillows were out of their designated places and she spotted a couple pieces of trash on the floor, plus there was an awful smell coming from the bathroom, but she didn't think it'd be too hard to clean. She went to the closet to get cleaning supplies and then she heard a noise, like something sharp lightly scratching something hard. Like glass. Mindy looked around, thinking that she may have misheard, but then her gaze fell on the window, at long, wavy dark brown hair that suddenly came into view. Mindy frowned as she saw the body attached to the long hair.

    "Elena?" she asked surprised. The girl who was seemingly Elena opened the window then shimmied her slender body through the opening.

    "Hey guys!" she called own below. "Come on up! I broke in!"

    "Elena?!" Mindy exclaimed. Elena jumped, startled and turned wide-eyed towards her older sister.

    "What the-" she gasped. "Mindy don't scare me like that!!!!!"

    "What on Earth are you doing here?!" Mindy asked, her voice still loud as she rushed over to her.

    "What's it to you?" she snapped, still slightly out of breath from being so startled. She leaned back down the window where her friends were making their way up the fire escape. "Hurry up!" she called. "Don't you want to catch a glimpse of them?!"

    "Catch a glimpse of who?" Mindy asked curiously. "5SOS?"

   "No. A talking hamburger." Elena answered sarcastically. "Of course we're gonna catch a glimpse of 5SOS! Didn't I text you that they were staying here??"

    "Yeah, but-"

    "Yeah but nothing!" Elena yelled, just as a blonde girl climbed through the window. A couple other girls climbed in after her, and a couple more after that. Suddenly there was about 15 to 20 girls standing near the window, all diehard 5SOS fans. Mindy was too shocked to do anything but back herself up to the door.

    "Okay girls, let's go find 5 Seconds Of Summer!" Elena exclaimed.

    "Yeah!" the girls cheered, pumping their fists and 5SOS posters into the air. Mindy's eyes widened. Oh no... She thought. 


    "Hey mate, do you hear that?" Luke asked Ashton. They were still standing by the snack machine where Mindy left them because Ash couldn't get a bag of potato chips out. The stupid machine was malfunctioning. Ash looked up from his efforts at getting the potato chips and frowned.


    "Hear what?" he asked.

   "Screaming, yelling. Thudding footsteps..." Luke said. Ash tilted his head to the side and he started hearing faint screaming that was getting louder and louder as he stood there listening.

    Suddenly Elena followed her best friend Kirsten appeared at the end of the long hallway. Kirsten spotted Ash and Luke first and pointed to them.

    "There they are!" she screeched. "Let's go get 'em!" She charged, Elena and their friends behind them. Ashton and Luke tensed as they stared at the mob of teen girls.

    "Oh my goodness." Luke breathed in panic. "What do we do?"

    "RUN!" Ashton shouted and bolted in the other direction, Luke close behind. "WE JUST WANTED A SNACK!!!!!!!!!!"



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