I Miss You

When the members of the popular band 5 Seconds Of Summer spend two weeks off in New York City, Ashton visits the spot where the love of his life and childhood friend Lindsey Martin broke his heart. Calum and Michael oblivious to the fact that Ashton is still hung up on his ex, are fixated on proving that Luke's new crush, a blogger named Elena Stewart is a stalker. When they decide to investigate her past further, they realize she's much worse than a stalker. In fact, if she and Luke are together it may just rip the band apart.


4. Jealousy and Jelly Beans

Jealousy and Jelly Beans

Mindy stood in the room for a second, blankly and confused. What the hell just happened?  

After a few seconds, she shook herself out of her trance and realised that she was supposed to be working. She tidied up the room but no matter what she did; Ashton’s smile and laugh just wouldn’t stop mocking her. And she could still feel his hand on her arm. She stopped herself mid-thought and shook her head. She was too busy with work and all that to think about Ashton, or boys in general. In addition to looking after Elena, she barely had time to herself. The only time she did have time to herself was at work…that was depressing.

Then suddenly, she remembered Elena breaking to the hotel. She was seriously busted.

She grabbed the hotel phone next to the bed and dialled the manager.

“Hello, Cambridge Hotel. How may I be of assistance?” Stephen said.

“Stephen, it’s Mindy. We have a situation”

“What is it?”

“Well, it appears that because celebrities are here, the fans have somehow broken into the hotel via window. You might want to take control of the situation. Also, my sister is part of that group so feel free to send her to me”

Stephen sighed heavily. “Alright, I’ll send guards immediately. Thanks for notifying me”


He hung up and she put down the receiver. She checked her schedule and saw that the next room was 308. She took the elevator down and opened the door…only to realise she would need some heavy duty cleaning equipment for it. She walked to the cleaning cupboard and frowned. She swore she could hear voices inside. She opened the door and found two boys hidden in the corner, looking terrified.

“Someone’s found us”

“Please don’t kill us! I’m too young to die”

They hadn’t seen her so she took a step inside and turned on the light. And recognised them immediately. Ashton and Luke. “Wha…”

“Oh my god, we thought you were one of the fans that mobbed us, Mindy” Ashton said, smiling and then started laughing hysterically. Luke walked to me and hugged her tight.

“Thank you Mindy. Thank you so, so much for not being crazy”

Mindy laughed awkwardly. “Uh, haha, yeah. Sure, no problem. What happened?”

“Well, when you left us. I was trying to get a packet of chips from the vending machine and it was refusing to give it to me. Luke and I were talking and then all of sudden, we heard like a stampede and screaming and then we were mobbed by fans”

Luke snorted and laughed. “Don’t leave out the bit where you screamed like a girl and yelled ‘WE ONLY WANTED A SNACK’ and then continued to scream like a girl”

“Hey, don’t bring that up. That was a traumatizing experience for me. I can still hear their screams…” Ashton said, shuddering. Mindy frowned. She could hear screaming too. It got louder and then they heard approaching people, running.

“Uhm, guys. I don’t think that’s in your head”

Luke froze and started to freak. “No”

“Come on, quick” She turned the light off, grabbed a mop and bucket. “Don’t say a thing and stay here” She walked out and closed the door behind her, just before a group of screaming girls approached her.

“Have you seen 5 Seconds Of Summer?” One of them asked her, breathless.

“Dude, I just came out of the closet…shut up, I’m not gay. If 5 Seconds Of Summer – whoever they are – are here, I wouldn’t know. I’ve been cleaning rooms all afternoon”

The girls looked at her like she was some alien force from outta space. “She doesn’t know who they are; she’s no use to us now. Come on, we could be losing them” They all ran to the elevator and she knocked on the door twice. Ashton and Luke tentatively opened it and walked out hesitantly.

“Are they gone?”

“Yep, you’re all good”

“Oh, thank god. Thanks Mindy”

“No problem. But you guys should seriously like get Mike and Cal and go out for a while. Soon their parents will remember they have girls and they’ll have to go home”

“Good point. I haven’t eaten anything yet. Well…except for some jellybeans on the tour bus but that’s it”

“I’ll lead you guys out and make sure the coast is clear”

They started to walk to the elevator and pressed the down button when the doors opened. They froze. Mindy immediately recognised the person in the elevator. Elena, her sister, stood there.


“Oh ho ho, you missy are in so much trouble”

“What are you…” Elena trailed off as she saw who Mindy was with. “Oh my gosh, Mindy. That’s…that’s…”

“5 Seconds Of Summer. Yeah I know”

“Why aren’t you freaking out?”

“Because that’s not my job, Elena. That’s yours. My job is to flip burgers, clean hotel rooms and look after you, which apparently I’m not doing very well if you’re committing a crime”

“What do you mean?” Elena asked. Mindy was about to answer when Luke interrupted.

“Wait, Elena? Your names Elena?” He asked. Ashton looked confused for a second as to why Elena’s name mattered but then he started to shake his head and laugh.

“Yes, oh my god. Hi! I’m Elena. I’m a huge fan, like massive. I have…”

“Our posters on your wall and you listen to our music 24/7? Yeah, we know. Mindy told us”

“You know Mindy? Wait, no, Mindy knows you?”

“Well, only for a short time. Do you write a blog? And follow us around?” Luke asked

“Yep, that’s her alright. Boys, meet my crazy stalker that also led the crazy girl mob, full-time blogger and crazy sister, Elena Stewart.”

You’re Elena?” Ashton said. Elena beamed, ecstatic that the Ashton Irwin knew her name. “You’re creepy! And a stalker! Like dude, not cool” Elena looked stunned. Luke, though, smiled warmly.

“What he means to say is that it’s awesome and sweet it is that you spend all your time devoted to us. You really are dedicated to us and I am so glad to finally meet you”

“Haha, alright boys. If you wanna escape the mob, you better go now”

“Oh right. Thanks again for saving us and it was great to meet you Elena” Ashton snorted.

“Bye” Elena squeaked. Mindy looked at Elena sharply and she looked down at the floor and shuffled her feet. The boys smiled and waved then got into the elevator. Once they were gone, Elena turned to me beaming. Mindy sighed and held up a hand.

“Don’t start”


“No, you committed a crime! Breaking and entering is a crime. You could have gotten me fired which means that I would be barely able to pay for your flight tickets to absolutely everywhere”

“Can I say one thing?” She asked. “I can’t believe you’re on a first-name basis with two of the sexiest boys alive! I am sooooooo jealous”

“Whatever, Elena. Right now, I am too busy to even think about it. Now go back home or whatever, and don’t stalk the boys, please. I have to go back to work. Something you don’t know the meaning of”

Mindy walked away, grabbed cleaning supplies for room 308 and started working. 

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