I Miss You

When the members of the popular band 5 Seconds Of Summer spend two weeks off in New York City, Ashton visits the spot where the love of his life and childhood friend Lindsey Martin broke his heart. Calum and Michael oblivious to the fact that Ashton is still hung up on his ex, are fixated on proving that Luke's new crush, a blogger named Elena Stewart is a stalker. When they decide to investigate her past further, they realize she's much worse than a stalker. In fact, if she and Luke are together it may just rip the band apart.


5. I Got My Mind On You

Luke wouldn't stop gushing about Elena. He had turned into the ultimate white girl.

“I had no idea how hot, cute or sexy Elena would be in person. I mean, I've seen pictures but you know how you try to capture a picture of a sunset but it doesn't right, well it’s the same with her. She is so beautiful in person and oh my gosh…”

The boys were all sitting at a Starbucks. They finally had managed to get away from some fans. The only thing they could do know was to hope and pray that no one that knew them would see them here. Meanwhile, Ashton had his mind on something else…more like someone else. 

"Ashton? Can you please save us from Luke's incessant chatter?" Michael asked, raising an eyebrow. "I'm trying to enjoy this mocha and chocolate muffin."

"Well, excuse me for being in love." Luke said then took a bite of his sandwich.

"In love?" Calum asked, surprised. "You barely know this chick, yet you claim you're in love? She's a stalker, dude."

"I smell jealousy." Luke sang.

"No, I'm serious! Something just makes me uncomfortable about that blogger girl. I dunno..." Calum shrugged, not too sure how to say exactly how he felt.

"But you haven't even met her in person yet." Luke argued.

"Cal's a very friendly guy. If a girl freaks him out -even if he only knows her through the internet- then you should watch out." Michael warned. "Right Ashton?" He took a bite of his muffin and waited several long seconds for Ashton to answer. But he didn't. "Ashton?" Ash was staring out the window, deep in thought. At first, all he could think about was Mindy. Her smile, her voice...when he closed his eyes he saw her face. And then her face morphed into another. Her auburn hair turned thicker and blonde, her green eyes turned deep blue and her narrow face became round and heartshaped. Mindy wasn't Mindy anymore. Instead, Mindy had been morphed into someone very familiar and someone unforgettable...Lindsey.

"Hey Ash." Lindsey said. "Do you remember me? We were in love. Don't forget me. Please don't forget me. I'd never forget you. I miss you."

"Ashton!" Michael's voice cut through the dream. Ashton jumped awake, her heart pounding, his breathing coming in and out quickly in desperate attempts to get air into his lungs. Calum furrowed his eyebrows, worried.

"Are you alright mate?" he asked, his voice full of concern.

"Did you fall asleep?" Luke chimed in.

"Uh...yeah." Ashton said, breathless. "And I'm fine. I...just...um...had a nightmare. Or something. Just forget it." He took a deep breath then looked at Michael. "You called me?" Michael shrugged and sipped his mocha.

"Never mind. It was stupid. Just...take it easy alright?" Ash nodded and the boys ate in silence, not really saying anything. Calum was trying to sort out what about Elena made him feel so uneasy, Michael was focused on how good his muffin was, Luke's mind was filled with images of Elena and Ashton felt a pang. Of regret, sadness, pain, just a lot of negative emotion. And one that really stood out: longing. Like the longing to visit a special place the next day. A place he swore to never visit again. In fact, he had made it a rule never to go there again. But rules are meant to be broken...

Tomorrow, Ashton was going to visit the place where Lindsey and him broke up.

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