I Miss You

When the members of the popular band 5 Seconds Of Summer spend two weeks off in New York City, Ashton visits the spot where the love of his life and childhood friend Lindsey Martin broke his heart. Calum and Michael oblivious to the fact that Ashton is still hung up on his ex, are fixated on proving that Luke's new crush, a blogger named Elena Stewart is a stalker. When they decide to investigate her past further, they realize she's much worse than a stalker. In fact, if she and Luke are together it may just rip the band apart.


11. Hello Insanity

    Luke thought he was blind. He could feel himself blinking but he could see nothing by blackness. And silence. No light, no sound. He was confused, disoriented. Where am I? What's happened? Where's Elena? Am I blind? Am I...alive? Of course you're alive Luke! Pull yourself together and think. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then another and registered the smell of...must. Dust. In fact, if he focused on his breathing, he realized that wherever he was was a little stuffy and really needed to be dusted and cleaned properly. He opened his eyes again and was still surprised by how absolutely black the whole place was. Black. Completely and utterly. He'd never seen anything like it. Which was ironic, because he couldn't see at all. Can I even see my own hand in front of my face? he wondered. Maybe, but maybe not. Let's find out. He tried to move his hand to his face, except he couldn't. Something tight was binding his hands together...behind him? Yes, his hands were tied behind him. And now he could feel a numb, prickly feeling in his arms, something that hadn't registered until he focused on it. Were they bent back around something? Yeah, they were, around...whatever his back was against. A metal chair? So, his hands were tied behind him, around the metal chair he was sitting on? That seemed about right. He tried to move his feet but he couldn't. Were they tied together as well? He could see no other explanation as to why he couldn't move them.

    So this is what Elena had done. Tied him to a chair in a stuffy dark place where no could find him? Luke frowned, angrily. Had she blinded him too?

    A creak was heard and then a bright light seared through the darkness, answering his question.

    "Luke, my darling?????" a voice called to him. Luke had shut his eyes against the light. It was waaaaaay to bright for him. At least he knew now that he wasn't blind.

    "Who is that?" he grunted.

    "Why, your girlfriend."

     "Elena." he almost growled. He felt a hand gently cup his chin.

     "Open your eyes hun. It's not dark anymore."

    "Exactly. It's too bright." he said and slowly opened his eyes, only to have to resort to squinting because it was still too bright. At least this way he didn't have to glare into the face of his captor.

     "Listen, babe." she began in a low voice. "All you have to do is tell everyone that we're dating and I'll set you free. If not,  then, sorry darling, but I'm gonna keep you locked in here. You've only been in for about an hour, but a couple more breathing in that stale air, with no food or water...you'll be dead." Luke tried to keep his breathing even, but it was hard when his heart was beating so fast and the fact that another human being was threatening to kill him.

    "You wouldn't really do that would you?" he asked. She's bluffing. She's gotta be. he thought. But the look in her eyes, the hard, cold, menacing, determined fire in her eyes told him otherwise. He felt a chill roll down his spine. But he couldn't let her know he was scared, not even a little bit. "If I died, could you imagine how that'd affect Ashton, Michael and Calum?"

    "They wouldn't miss you. They'll find a new guy and replace you in a heartbeat." Elena growled.

    "And what about the fans?" he asked, trying to ignore her and not stutter. "They'd all hate you. I mean so much to them-"

    "They only like you for your pretty face. I bet half of them don't even listen to your music, I bet they just stare at your face on their screens all day and drool." she whispered coldly into his ear.

    "Then what about you?" Luke asked, feeling out of breath now. "How could you live with yourself knowing you bumped off your favorite musician?" Elena laughed, a cold, chilling laugh. She leaned away from him, standing to her full height, looking down at him on the chair.

    "All you have to do Luke is tell them I'm your girlfriend. That's it." she said. Luke closed his eyes for a moment. Maybe this is all a dream. he thought, hoped. He opened his eyes and stared up at Elena, thus looking into the face of evil. But I won't take my chances.

    "Fine." he blurted without thinking twice. "I'll do it."

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