He wasn't a jerk (One Direction & 5SOS fanfiction)

This girl named Leah lives in united states and before she started 11th grade her and her mom moved to Mullingar Ireland because her mom got a new job there and the only person she had to talk to is this guy on AIM named Singer2000 and she didnt now his real name but then she goes to a new school and meets this really mean and biggest jerk in the school named Niall Horan and the only person she had to talk to was SInger2000 because it was the only person that understood her but she never him what the jerks name was at school.

I know this isnt a good what the book about but i promies you this is going to be a good book if you give it a chance.


1. Chapter 1

Leah's P.O.V 
I woke up to my alarm beeping I looked at it knowing that I had to get up and get ready to leave because i we had to move to who nows what part of Irland, So then I just layed in my bed for a while more tell i hurd my mom yell at me " You need to get up and get ready the moving perople are going to be here soon to help us" she said yelling up the stairs I let out a big sigh and got up and started to get ready. When i got done getting ready I looked at how empty my room was, the only thing that was left was my table my lap top was sitting on, my bed, and my box of posters I had hanging on the wall I sighed of sadness just looking at my empty room that was soon to be someone else's, then I thought I would get on AIM and talk to this mystery person I have been talking to for a while tell the moving people came, I then logged on to see that he was on I sighed in relief and whispered out loud " This has been the best thing that has happened so far"

Dancer_Chick- Hey xD
Singer2000- Hey ;)
Dancer_Chick- What have you been up to?
Singer2000- Nothing much love you?
Dancer_Chick- So much honestly and I don't like it ):
Singer2000- Why what have you been doing?
Dancer_Chick- I have been packing I am moving ): so right know im sitting in what is have a empty room talking to you and honest this is the best thing that has happened so far
Singer2000- O i'm sorry love I hate moving. and why has talking to me been the best think that has happened to you?
Dancer_Chick- Because all week I had to miss school and miss hanging out with my friends to pack so I can't even tell them bye. They don't even know i'm moving ):
Singer2000- That has to suck love well at least you have me ;)
Dancer_Chick- Yeah that is true well I have to go ill talk to you when i'm in the car the stupid moving people are here ): 
Singer2000- Okay love. O and hey if you live close maybe one day we can meet?
Dancer_Chick- Maybe one day bye Singer2000
Singer2000- Bye Dancer_Chick

Then the sign that said Singer2000 logged off came up I let out a huge sigh and started to cry a little i can't believe this day is happening.
" Come on honey" My mom said yelling at me from the bottom of the stairs its time to go as i watched the movers carry my bed out as i was just sitting in my empty room crying " Okay mom ill be down in a second" I yelled back I stood up just staring at my room that was empty once again then i saw something that one of my best friends gave me i went over to where my bed was against the wall and picked it up " well at least i didn't leave you back" I said out loud and i didn't even notice my mom was behind me and she looked at what i picked up " Your first friend ship necklace she got you when you first meet" she said with a sad look " Yeah" I sighed " Come over here honey" she said looking at me i ran over to her with the necklace squeezed tight in my hand and gave her a big hug and started to cry worse that I already was " It will be all okay honey" My mom said like it was " No its not mom I don't want to move to Ireland where i don't know nobody and you didn't even give me the chance to tell my friends good bye so lets just go" i said pulling away from the hug. As I walked outside I saw every single one of my friends standing on the grass I ran up them crying and we all did a group hug and pulled away and we were all crying, I'm going to miss you they all said at the same time " I'm going to miss you guys to, ill text you everyday okay" I told them trying to stop crying but I couldn't then I looked over to my best friend Kenzie I pulled her into the tightest hug and we both started to cry even harder " Ill miss you so much Leah" She said pulling away with something in her hand " Ill miss you to" I said drying the tears and she held out her hand with the first friend ship necklace I started to cry more and held out my hand with the necklace in it. " You still have it" she said trying to smile " Of course i would have it" then my mom yelled at us " lets go Leah" i sighed well ill see you guys sometime i guess and i pulled them all into a group hug and looked at Kenzie and Started to cry and hugged her one more time ill see you as soon as i can and ill talk to you everyday she said as we were still hugging I pulled away " Yes we will " I then started ti walk away and then i started to cry more as i got into my moms car and we drove away. As I was looking out my window I saw them waving as I waved back at them and started to cry even worse as we drove further away down the road.

A/N: I hoped you liked the first chapter ill try to post when ever I can because of school and also i'm going to Disney land on the 18th tell the next Saturday or Sunday but ill try to post stuff while i'm in Disney land at night when i'm siting in the hotel we are staying at doing nothing :D
I hope you will read the rest of  my book :)



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