Moving in with my bully


1. 1

I loved him he didn't love me back he hated me I was just walking home then I saw him justin drew bieber .i put my head down as he looked up dang gate we lived next to each other

Justin"hey Lexi how's the marks"

Lexi"just how you left them"

Pattie "oh hey lex I see you dressed up for summer "

Lexi"yep" justin hated that me and his mom can NOT get along with each other sometimes it's creepy

Pattie"what are you doing this summer anyways?"

Like she cared Lexi "well Maggie and I are going down to Calli for 3 months" her face dropped

Pattie"oh goodie to shoes are going to go along "

Justin"mom! She is not that bad in -"

Dad"Lexi what did I tell you stay away from mrs.mallet"

Lexi"I was really talking to my ex boyfriend "

Dad"yeah but still stay away" I groaned


I winked then went in the house I looked the window he winked then went somewhere with his mom

Mom"start packing baby girl"

I did as told I was really the only one going because I am going to live in a two roomed house without all the drama .I HOPE

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