"Come here often?" the man asked. I nodded my head, "Too many times, seeing that I've heard that line too many times before." I responded as I sipped more of my drink.


1. prologue

The cold air rushed passed me, numbing my senses and turning my nose red. My roommate insisted I brought a jacket on my walk, which was a good idea on her part. My hands hid under my sleeves in attempt to get warm as I entered the office. Well, sorta office.

As of last summer I became a detective. I rarely got out of course, but I got to help on many cases. Suicides, sexual assaults, murder, etc.. Currently I was working on a murder case, nothing I have seen before. Hid the body, cleared his tracks, the usual. They never know that that one touch they don't cover is their one way ticket to jail.

Luckily, I was just checking in today. I love my job, but the breaks are short and the money is even smaller. I had worked 5 hours earlier today (3-7) but came back to pick up my check that I had forgotten earlier today. It sat on my desk, untouched. Next it was Liam's number, desperate cop who had begged for months for a date. He's cute and all, I'd even say hot, just not my type... He wrote his number and a little heart and smiley face along side it. I smiled and shook my head.

After picking up my check, I headed to the bar. I went there every Tuesday night which happened to be '20 free shots night'. The bar was busier than usual, but not too crowded. The warm air hit me like a bullet as I entered the dark building. Girls in busty dresses and Hugh heels pranced around boys, grinding their bodies against random men that would probably take them home tonight. The men either found a girl to grind on them, or sat at my favorite spot; the bar.

I took my seat next to my usual 'friend'... I guess he wasn't really a friend, but he's been here as long as I have and we haven't spoken once to each other. We'd give a quick smile to each other, alert the other of bar fights and couples practically having sex on a table, but other than that, nothing.

He was a good looking guy, I'll have to admit. He had black hair, brown eyes, a well fit body, and tattoos lining his arms. His hair was usually tossed in different directions or covered by a beanie. His hands were bony, his arms were lined with veins, and his jaw as sharp as Mr. Champ knife that stabbed his wife repeatedly after an argument about fish.

Tonight was different though, tonight was the night that the man next me turned and whispered, "Hello," The word that started everything.

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