Blood Of Olympus Ending

This is my alternative ending to Blood Of Olympus! I really do hope you like it! I have been obsessed with Percy Jackson for five years, I can't believe its ending tomorrow!


1. Stick to the Plan

Alternative Blood Of Olympus Ending

Nico POV

We have to stick to the plan. I have to keep telling myself this. Sticking to the plan is going to hurt someone. One of us. But it must be done. There are supposed to be seven demigods stood on this lush hill dotted with poppies instead there is eight. I shouldn't be here. But I need to be. They wouldn't have found where they needed to be any other way. We had to shadow travel. Well, I had to shadow travel everyone. One of us isn't going to be leaving this hill. And I know it isn't going to be who the plan says.

We stand on the hill. The eight of us. We stand strong like we can take on anything when really we know we can't. Outside, were ready, inside were not. Fake it till you make it. Jason went through a spell of saying that so we all know it in Latin as well, " Fake eum, donec conteras eam". I hear a whisper behind me that shocks me out of my daydream.

"Leo, you need to keep hold of Nico. We have to stick to this plan I refuse to let someone else do what I must. Piper, you do the same to Jason. You know they will both try to alter the plan." Its Percy. He really needs to work on his whispering skills. He is right. He knows I liked him. Well, like him. But I also hate him. I must admit. I hated him after he broke his promise to keep Bianca safe. I can never forgive him for that. It's my fatal flaw. But it never stopped me liking him. I hoped it would. I so did. I went to the underworld to stop me either killing him or loving him. It didn't help. Nothing can happen to him. Nothing. If he went, it would affect everyone. It would create a ripple effect like dropping a stone in water. I could never forgive myself. The whispering continues, growing louder, almost as if they are arguing about something. Hazel is stood next me and Leo behind. They will both try to hold me back. I look at Hazel and her powerful gold eyes hold my gaze, challenging me to change my mind. I can't. I look at her sympathetically but her glare doesn't soften. I turn my attention to Leo. He is trying a different approach. It is obvious they have discussed this. However, his approach doesn't work anymore than Hazel's did. Leo looks at me softly with his brown eyes. At first, I feel my stare soften then I pull myself back together and my eyes are stone once again. I will not be swayed. Believe me, I have tried.

The familiar voice that haunts our dreams speaks, "Young demigods, given up. Failures, I knew you would give in all along. As you are aware I need a sacrifice. Step forward and give your life to me and I will rise and my army and I will storm the earth ridding it of weak mortals and puny demigods like yourselves. Thank you for being so helpful to me and making this so much easier.". It sounds as if it is coming from the very ground we are stood on. Well, that's probably because it is. The voice alone sends a shiver down my spine. I can see the others feel the same. We are all stood on edge, ready. Then when she speaks her final line, we all look in at Percy sympathetically. All bar Jason and I. Apprehensively, Percy steps forward. I can feel Hazel and Leo's grip on my arm and the back of my t-shirt. I can see Piper and Annabeth doing the same to Jason. Piper and Annabeth are roughly equally as strong as Leo and Hazel. They did not think this through.

I appear next to Percy, appearing out of the shadows I just travelled in and tackle him to the ground as he begins to speak.

"Gaia, I pledge-" and before he knows it, he is on the ground. He is too stunned to move, I have taken him by surprise. I took everyone by surprise. They really didn't think that part of the plan through. I clamp my hand over Percy's mouth. Before I realise it myself, my voice is shouting up to Gaia, "Gaia, I pledge you my life. I sacrifice myself to help you rise." following this is a cackle, like that of a witch coming from the ground. A sharp pain runs through my body like a knife slicing all of my organs. I double over. Slowly, the pain subsides as I feel my lungs emptying themselves of the air they will no longer need and my heart stops pumping blood around my body. I fall to the ground and everything fades to darkness.



I can't believe what I am seeing. Gaia is slowly rising, a mix of grey, heavy rocks and bright green grass mixing together right in front of my eyes slowly forming a figure. It forms a woman's figure but she is ever-changing, she doesn't have the same face for two minutes straight. Below her is a dark figure crumpled on the ground like a dropped newspaper. I want to have hope. To have faith that he isn't dead but I know it's impossible. He gave his soul to Gaia, to help her raise, to help with the plan. The plan, that's what caused this. I know there was no other way but somewhere, deep in my brain, something is nagging that he could have been saved. Percy hasn't yet moved. He bolted up as soon as Nico finished speaking but he is still sat in the same spot hugging his knees. I can tell that he feels guilty, like it was his fault Nico made the ultimate sacrifice. I feel the same. If I just tried to convince him to stay where he was. If I pinned him down on the ground to make his brain concentrate on something else. If I talked to him, made him tune out of everything that was happening, everything to do with the plan and made him put all his attention into my voice. But I didn't and now Hazel is screaming and tears stain my cheeks.

The cheer of triumph that comes from Gaia and her army of giants shocks me back to reality. There are hundreds of them. So many more than we anticipated. The plan was for Percy to sacrifice himself, then Gaia and her army would rise and we would destroy them all. The plan could not have failed more. The army are getting closer. We spread out, disobeying our earlier orders to stick together and form a circle with us all facing out. We had thought the army would come from all sides but it seemed to just be coming from where Gaia was stood. Annabeth was really off. I suppose she was worried about losing her boyfriend. Well her Fiancée. Just after the plan was set, Percy proposed to Annabeth saying that if he was going to die, he wanted to die engaged to the love of his life. I just wish I could do the same to Calypso, get married, but I didn't think about it and she is back on the Argo II with Coach Hedge.

I can still hear the cheers. But the giants mouths aren't moving, neither is Gaia's. An army the same size as Gaia's whizzes past us. I can't make out who they are until they stop to fight. We all panic, assuming this army is coming to fight us as well but they just pass us, cutting us off from one another. Wait, are they horses? No, there Centaurs, it's the Party Ponies! Tons of Centaurs being ridden by demigods and pulling Chariots containing demigods go to attack Gaia's army. The demigods jump off the chariots and Centaurs almost as if it is in canon. Dozens of battle cry's can be heard at once, creating a sound so loud it temporarily deafens me. When the eight, no, seven of us regain our wits we all charge in to join the fight, all screaming the same battle cry, "For Nico!".

We would have liked to have charged with our heads held high. Instead they hung low and tears ran down our cheeks. I looked up and I was face to face with one of the giants. My eyes were too blurry from tears to tell what the giant looks like. My reflexes aren't great. Eventually, after getting my arm sliced, the monster is a pile of dust. I'm shaking. But not with fear. The pain and realisation that we have lost Nico is slowly setting in. I look over at the others. Percy seems to be fully engaged in the fight, it seems to be his coping method. Hazel is fighting sluggishly, her sword seems heavy in her hand and dark rings seem to have formed around her eyes. Frank is fighting like normal and I am unsure why it hasn't bothered him. The others look emotionally drained. I'm dwelling over Frank right now. He doesn't look at all fazed. Maybe it's just a mask, to help Hazel to cope. Yeah, that must be it.

The battles over. Before my very eyes lies piles upon piles of dust where giants once stood. Gaia is sleeping once again. Nobody is dead. We all survived. Bar Nico. I fall to my knees. I swear on the river Styx that I saw Nico, Bianca and an older woman who looked like them both, with black hair and olive skin, who I assume is their mother, Maria, standing next to Hades as the Gods and Goddess' joined forces to defeat Gaia. They joined forces as we did, the Greek demigods fought alongside the Romans. Without the help of the Romans and the Gods we would inevitably have been defeated. I fall to my knees, thinking of what I just saw, with Nico, Bianca and Maria. I know it can't be real, Bianca chose re-birth. Unless it was one of Hades' tricks. I guess I'll never know now.


Percy POV

It's been a week now. I would consider it one of the hardest weeks of my life. Although the physical wounds are healed with a little help from ambrosia, the mental scars will stay forever. It was my fault. I made Annabeth concentrate more on other things, like losing me. I was selfish. I broke Hazel's promise just like Nico's. I lost both the Di'Angelos and I had promised to save them both. Hazel hasn't spoken since. She stays in her cabin most of the time. The same cabin that Nico once stayed in. Cabin 13. She still considers herself Roman but after what she has been through, she's able to stay. A few other Romans have stayed at our camp. The main reason is that they have nowhere to stay as Camp Jupiter has been partly destroyed, nothing major though. Much like Camp Half-Blood. I haven't seen Leo since we got back. The Hephaestus cabin has been busy trying to rebuild the damaged buildings such as the Athena cabin. Annabeth has been staying with me in my cabin because hers has collapsed.

I hear a gong behind the sound of my crying. It is time to burn a shroud for Nico. Hazel made it. One side of it is Black silk with skulls embroidered into it, the other side of it, right in the middle of it, there is a patch of lime green fabric.

"Hazel, why is there green on the underside of it?" I whisper over to her, I don't expect a response, after all, it was my fault her brother died.

"It was his favourite colour. Just because he wears, I mean wore black doesn't mean he liked it." She responds, which an edge to her voice. I can see the pain behind her gold eyes. Especially when she corrected herself to past tense. After she says it we both retreat. I retreat out of fear. Hazel really does scare me sometimes. She retreats out of grief. We gather around the camp fire and as we are about to burn the shroud, I hear whispering and laughing. My head whips round to find the source of the laughing, its two daughters of Aphrodite, I glare at them. Giving them a warning to stop whilst  they can. They do. Until the ceremony is over. Hazel gave some beautiful words and I must admit I am still tearing up. Everything that was said was said twice. Once in Italian, once in English. Hazel even learnt the Italian for her speech. Once the ceremony is over the two girls start laughing again. I see Hazels eye build up with rage. Just that alone is making me angry but the fact that Nico was like a little brother to me is bringing this to a whole new level. Practically simultaneously, Hazel and I stand up and begin to make our way across to the two girls.

Hazel looks down at them menacingly as she violently says, "What are you laughing about?"

The girls snicker. Eventually one of the girls, who is slightly taller than the other one, with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes says, "It's pretty ironic how that son of Hades, the God of the underworld, was the only one to die. And how his sister looks like death."

"Firstly, that son of Hades has a name and it's Nico. Secondly, have some respect, he sacrificed himself to save you. If he hadn't have done that I can guarantee there would have been so many more deaths its unimaginable. Thirdly, that son of Hades whose name is Nico that sacrificed himself for everybody else's safety is my brother so don't laugh about his death." Hazel says through gritted teeth.

"Yeah, we are so scared because you are just so scary." The other girl, with short, curly red hair says sarcastically and both girls laugh. Bad move. Hazel, summons up a great clump of gold and it flies straight out of the ground into the red-haired girls stomach, winding her. I then control the water from the lake and send it into the blonde-haired girl leaving her drenched, her hair is going frizzy and her makeup  is running. This time it is mine and Hazels time to laugh. I wouldn't even call it a laugh. It's more of a chuckle. A very fake chuckle. Neither of us feel like laughing. I then splash the water on myself. I'm not drenched like the blonde girl but it makes me feel so much stronger. It doesn't make me feel less guilty or sad that he is no longer here.

He's with Bianca and his mother now, I keep telling this myself but I know it's not true. Bianca chose re-birth and she's the one he loved the most. The death he blamed on me. I know he liked me. Yes, in that way. But, did he die hating me. Fatal flaw of children of Hades, grudge's. They can hold a grudge for the whole of their life. Was Nico like that. Did he die hating me. Maybe things would have been different if I had protected his sister better. Maybe he would still be here.

That's when I see Leo walking past. "Leo!" I shout without realising. He walks over to me, dragging his feet.

"What?" He replies, bluntly, with no hint of the joker he used to be, not even a smile.

"You okay?" I sympathetically ask him. Trying to get him to soften up. Secretly I hope he cracks a joke. Something to remind me of the old Leo. He just does a weird combination of nodding and shaking his head as he walks back to his cabin. Undoubtedly to work on repairing something. Suddenly, two arms snake around his neck and a pair of lips kiss his cheek. Its Calypso.

"Hey sweetie, I haven't seen you in forever." She says as cheerfully as she possibly can during grieving. Leo had grown close to Nico. And so did Calypso, so it hit them both pretty hard. Leo and Calypso manoeuvre in to a  full on hug. They begin to shake together. They are crying. Crying into each other shoulders. I sharply turn and expeditiously run off because I will not have anyone see me cry. As I run, the tears start to escape so I put my head down. I collide with someone. But neither of us fall. We collide and wrap our arms around each other. We pull apart from one another for a minute and Annabeth looks at me with her grey eyes. They are red and puffy much like mine. Then we place our heads back on each other's shoulders and we both cry. I can feel the fabric covering the shoulder Annabeth is leaning her head on is sticking to my body with her salty tears. We look up and our lips connect and I can taste her tears mixed with my own.


Hazel POV

It's been seven years exactly since Nico died. I still havn't gotten over it. It's the anniversary of his death today. We are all going to Percy and Annabeth's house to celebrate it. I dress in all black as I always have. It's going to be so awkward seeing Piper and Jason in the same room together. They split up about two years ago. Jason kept blaming Piper for Nico's death. He claims that if she let go of him, he could have saved him. I call for Frank and our three kids. Emily Zhang, after Franks mother, Nico Zhang, after Nico and Marie Zhang, after my mother. We all climb into the black seven seated car.

When we arrive there I lift the kids out of the car. Nico has light skin, like my own but lighter, he has dark brown eyes and is the youngest and smallest of them all, he is 2. Emily is the middle kid, she is 3 years old. She has curly dark brown hair and apart from that looks just like Frank. Marie is the eldest. She is 5 and she looks just like me. Golden eyes, dark hair, dark skin.

We wait outside the limestone house and when the blue door whips open we are greeted my two young kids shouting ,"Auntie Hazel! Uncle Frank!"

I pick up the little girl, she has long black hair and grey eyes, she is 3 years old, "Hello there Bianca!" I say as I pick her up and swing her around. I then pick up the little boy. He is 4 years old and has brown hair and blue eyes, "Hiya Thomas!" I say as I swing him round. Emily, Nico, Marie, Thomas and Bianca all join forces and push Frank and I into the living room that is covered in family photos. Photos of Nico, Bianca, Thalia, Percy and Annabeth all smiling together. Then one of the eight of us just before we set off on Nico's final quest. There's photo's of all the kids as babies and all of our families together. The house is beautiful, with limestone bricks and sea shells dotting it and an owl and a trident carved into the wall. Beautiful pillars stand guard of the door. It is obvious Annabeth designed this. She has designed so much beautiful stuff. Inside the living room, the walls are mainly painted grey with one feature wall lined with a wallpaper that is blue and dotted with fish. From the ceiling hangs a chandelier but instead of crystals or diamonds, it is made of pearls that shimmer beautifully when the light hits them.

The adults exchange information about the kids, like how Bianca won her swimming competition and Thomas is in the final of a spelling championship. We tell them about how Emily and Nico are really good runners and that Marie is learning to play the flute. Then the door bell rings again, this time it is two couples. Yes you read the right, two couples. Turns out Piper and Jason are back together! And, Pipers pregnant! Leo and Calypso then walk in followed by a child riding a dog. A mechanical dog that Leo obviously made the kid. She is 5 years old. Her blond curly, messy hair falls just below her shoulders. She has brown eyes that are crinkled in the corner with the delight of riding the mechanical dog just like Leo's does when he smiles.

"Hello everyone!" She cries as she jumps off the dog and bolts to us all to give us hugs. "Hiya Melissa!" We all reply in chorus.

"Look at this!" She exclaims, barely able to contain her excitement. As she says it, she holds out her hand and it burst into flames. We all gasp and then look at our children, wondering if they can do the same. Suddenly, I summon a piece of gold and scream, "Nobody touch that!" and luckily everyone obeys. I then turn to the other adults, "I was nervous sorry." they all chuckle at me. It's just like it was seven years ago. Then all of our children grab each other's wrists and with Bianca leading, run up the ivory spiral staircase carpeted with a soft blue fabric and decorated with sea-shells. We all know what they are going to do. They are going to do a performance, they always do it.  

A hour later, they all run back downstairs. Marie is equipped with her flute, Bianca and Thomas are all holding hair brushes of various sizes, a substitute for microphones. Finally, Nico, Melissa and Emily rush in. Apparently it's there time to dance. They sing at different pitches, dance completely different moves and Marie's music is definitely not whatever is being sung, which I swear is a mix of about a thousand different songs. But it's all perfect to me.

If Nico was here, he would have thought it was perfect as well.

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