Swayed With The Wind

A collection of stories and event based on the idea of making you think and aware of certain topics. This book is a Collaboration between multiple people whom have either experienced these events, dreamed of them, or have thought out and created them to make an impact on the reader. These are short stories that have a meaning behind them that the reader is supposed to think about.


2. The Vacant Shell

1 year.

15 days.

17 hours.

16 Minutes.

How much can that amount of time change a man?

                   He'd sat and stared at a wall, absent minded and without a reasons he sat there and stared. What lied there was a different from what others had seen. At that wall lied another world, a world where everything was perfect and at peace, though the man did not realize what was actually happening to him.

                   For a year he had sat there staring at that wall thinking that his normal life was going on but that was a false tale. The man had actually been living another life in his mind without realizing what he had been doing in the real world... A life he had left behind, a wife and 2 kids. Time flowed by and event's cared forth without him knowing of what has happened. 

                   It had all started when he was diagnosed with cancer, it had put him through immense amounts of trauma and stress, and the only way he could phase it was to lighten his pain and sorrows. He drained it all away by over dosing on pills his doctor had given to limit the pain instead of fully killing it off. When he did so he sat in front of a wall painted bright white, a wall which he could lose him self to thought while looking at. Then as days passed without sleep and rest he started to lose sanity and soon imagine his own world. 

                    In his dreamed up world all was peaceful and merry, where nothing would go wrong and where everything was as bright as day light. Though after being stuck in this world for more than a year he soon grew blinded of what was going on to him and around him in the real world. He was not aware of the brain damage he had suffered, the weight he had lost, and most of all what had happened to his family. Not a single thought of if the world he was in was nothing but a dream had even crossed his mind. But all of a sudden his dreams came to an end and he was brought back to the real world, a world he had left behind so long ago.

                    He woke up almost blinded to the bright lights and feeling weak like a child. His arms and legs were as thin and brittle as paper, his thoughts and brain almost useless. Unable to speak or make any means of communication he sat there and questioned his life.... If it would every return to normal or to a hollowed fragment of what it once was. Though only time could answer his questions, but he had one thing keeping him going and that was seeing someone who would keep him going for the rest of his life- His wife crying as she saw her husband come back to life, and in her arm a young child. Then as he sat there in the hospital bed he started to tear up and thought to himself that it was worth living even with the trouble he would have to face to make things to go back to normal.


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