Swayed With The Wind

A collection of stories and event based on the idea of making you think and aware of certain topics. This book is a Collaboration between multiple people whom have either experienced these events, dreamed of them, or have thought out and created them to make an impact on the reader. These are short stories that have a meaning behind them that the reader is supposed to think about.


3. Basteln Manne's Mirror

                Basteln was a man whom many looked up to. He was a figure of great respect and was a very kind and trust worthy person. Though as any other man his time to go had came and passed and all his possessions were left to his son Sinclair. So Sinclair back up all the items and shipped it to his mansion out in Manchester where he would rummage through it all and see if he could find anything worthwhile before putting them into storage.

                While rummaging through all the boxes Sinclair had come upon his father's old mirror in which he was never allowed to touch or toy with. Knowing the history of the object he picked up the mirror and brought it to his bed room where he would place if on his end table. After everything was all In place he took a look in the mirror and what he saw had shocked him to his bones. In the mirror he saw nothing but a skeleton, a husk of what was supposed to be himself.

                Confused and awestruck he stared into the mirror and an old memory passed through his mind, a time when his father told him that the mirror had helped him shape his life and turned him into the respected man he was. So Sinclair dwindled on the topic thinking of what his father meant until it hit him and realized that the mirror reflected his future rather than his present self. Knowing this he began thinking of ways to change his life and how to change the outcome of the mirror.

                Day by day he'd stop in front of the mirror and see what the reflection of himself would look like. What was once a skeleton soon became a man in a suit, gathered around by people who looked at him with awe and respect just like his father. But as that mirror changed so did his mind set, and eventually he stopped looking in the mirror. Every time he walked past the mirror it showed less and less of a respected man but more of a selfish and out casted man. Sinclair's greed and selfishness began to bring a downfall to his life... 

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