Swayed With The Wind

A collection of stories and event based on the idea of making you think and aware of certain topics. This book is a Collaboration between multiple people whom have either experienced these events, dreamed of them, or have thought out and created them to make an impact on the reader. These are short stories that have a meaning behind them that the reader is supposed to think about.


1. An apparition of affair

                  My mother always wanted me to go out and meet somebody- To find myself a nice girl to wed, to lead a happy life with. So I decided one day that I would even though I was never lucky with them. I walked out into a world I was not a fan of a world made up of snooty, selfish, and ignorant people whom I could never deal with. Then It hit that I'd never meet someone out here so I gave up and stopped trying.

                "You can't stay here for long Andrew, I'm tired of supporting you and keep you around. You maybe my son but you need to go into the real world" Is what my mother always said.

                I lived my life through a computer, talking to people around the world,  and people whom I could deal with and enjoy spending time with.  Me and my "friends" were playing a game one day and one of them decided to invite a friends of theirs, seeing as how the majority of them were male I assumed that the person was a male as well.  Though that assumption was wrong- It was a girl whom I would fall for....

                While playing a game one day everyone left and it was just me and her, we talked through text and had a good long chat. I learned that she was a girl and that she was mute so she was unable to use her microphone, but I was fine with that. I soon fell in love with her.

                Every day we would get on and talk to each other. Sometime are chats would start right as we wake up and till the next day, laughing and having a good time. We would exchange stories of our lives, how our days were, and how things were going in general- We'd even help each other get through hard times where we felt alone.

                Her birthday was coming up and day by day I wonder what to get her, then I got the idea to get her a necklace and ear rings. $148 gone in a flash for someone I had a crush on, hoping that I'd win her over. So I shipped it out to her and waited for her reactions but days passed and I hadn't heard from her in a while, my text weren't getting responded to and no one had spoken to her. Then I got a phone call that would change my  life forever.

                A call came from her, odd and unexpected, I picked it up and a woman spoke. She claimed to be her mother and was describing the exact gift I got her and I grew worried, I asked her of her daughter and how she was.... Her reply was that she didn't have a daughter but rather a sexually confused son... I sat there shaking, crying, and vomiting. The girl I fell in love with was fake this whole time, an illusion, a pigment of someone's imagination.  So I decided to end it all- A rope and a chair was all I need, I knew I could never find someone.  So as I sit here finishing this story I would like for people to know the dangers of the world, and the virtual one.... I never cared for this world and never wanted to be a part of it, so I decided to end it, no-one will miss my weak, useless, and fragile self.

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