Leap of Faith

All I've ever wanted was to go to a performing arts school, and when I finally get my big chance...I recoil back into my shy little self again. But then He came along...


1. The Scholarship

Tick, tock, tick, tock

The clock was a ticking time bomb. Counting every second, minute, hour, that I sat there apprehensively, waiting with baited breath. My future lay in the hands of one person, one decision, one phone call. This was my all or nothing. Whatever happened now would make or break me.


Time seemed to be slowing down, and I watched the clock intently as the hands slowly counted down to five o'clock. Time was taunting me, teasing me. It was as if five o'clock would never come. But it did, I knew it would.


One minute to go, and I was shaking so much I didn't even know if I would be able to hold the phone when they called me. If they called me. 5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second.


Nothing. Silence. All that time, money, energy, wasted. Slaving away, day and night, for twelve years, all for nothing.

The noise of the phone pierced the silence of the room. With trembling hands, I picked up the receiver.

"Miss White?", a voice at the end of the phone inquired.

My voice was trembling as I asked "Who is this?"

"I am calling from Lynchwood School of Performing Arts. We are aware that you recently applied for a scholarship with Riverview Academy, but you were unsuccessful. We do hope, however, that we can provide a satisfactory alternative. We are offering a scholarship to a young girl of your age who we can see a lot of potential in, even if she may not be quite up to scratch yet. If you are interested, please get your parents to call us back by midday tomorrow. Thank You"


By now I was completely confused. In the space of a minute, I had my dreams crushed and rebuilt again. I shouted my mum, still unsure about what had just happened. My Mum came bounding up the stairs with a huge grin on her face.

"What happened? Did they call you?" She was so excited she was practically jumping up and down.

"Not exactly"

"What do you mean not exactly?"

I tried to explain to her how Riverview had not accepted me, but I had been offered another scholarship with Lynchwood, and I was more than happy to go to Lynchwood instead.

I noticed that my mum had stopped jumping around quite so much.

"But, you don't know anything about this Lynchwood place."

"Mum, if there's one thing I do know, it's that it will mean a fantastic opportunity for me, one that I will never get again. I know we had agreed that the only school that was right for me was Riverview, but let's at least look into Lynchwood. I'll leave you to think about it overnight, but they want you to call them back before midday tomorrow. Night, mum"

"Night, sweetheart"

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