She is broken.
That's all.
Can he fix her?
Before she falls?
Found out in...

Copyright's to @Jaden4054


8. 8

Emila's POV.

Ugh! Now I have school! Wait, Calum!

"Yeah," I said lightly trying to not wake my mum. I got dressed into a pair of black jeans and a blue and black striped long sleeve shirt to hide my cuts. Then I brushed my hair and then curled even though it's naturally curly... Then I was ready!

I walked downstairs to get my school bag and then I walked out the door to go to 'school.'

I was walking down the sidewalk just waiting for Ann to walk up to me to tell me negative things about myself. But to my surprise she dint show up. But I did see her with the other cheerleaders talking to a boy with a 5SOS..... HOODIE?!

"Calum," I said breathlessly.

I sped walked by so he couldn't see me, but he did..

"Emila!" He waved me over. "Hi Calum." I blushed as he pulled me into a hug. "Wait, you know Emila?" Ann said pointing at me in disgust.

"Yeah why?" Calum asked, OHHHH poor Calum. "Wow, ok, I thought you where cooler than that Calum," Ann looked at me "see ya' ugmila," she said and walked off as Calum looked at me questionably.

"What was that about?" He asked grabbing my arm before I walked away. "Nothin, Calum," I huffed and pulled my arm out of his grip. "Emila! Tell me!" He commanded as he caught up to me. "Why do you care?" I asked him almost crying, "because Emila, your my...." He paused as if he was thinking of what to say.

"Friend, Emila, my very good friend and I wanna help you!" He said again, grabbing both of my shoulders in the process. "Calum, if I where you... I wouldn't talk to me in school you'll get a lot of crap," it was hard to say that, "Emila, why?!" He asked yet again.

"Because! No-one likes me at school! And if you where the only one YOU would get a lot of freaking crap from EVERYONE else!" I yelled, "I'm the most worthless girl," I mumbled and walked into school.

-skip school coz tis boring c:-

I walked home and Calum texted me.


E-hi, don't be aKwArD!

C-haha, okie fineeeee.

E-:c I'm sorry, I just don't want u getting hurt

C-awe u care <3

E-course I do, u and 5SOS are my only friends

C-how come? :c

E-I told u.... I'm the most worthless girl.

C-no you're not, Emila, there is not enough room on my text box... To describe you! You're Amazing, Pretty, Smart, Funny. Should I continue? Coz I don't got enough room gurllllll c:

E-awe, thx Cal, <3

C-no prob. I g2g Em.

E-poo, okie bye.

C-wait, can you come over at 4:30?

E-ermm.... Lemme ask.

So I did.

"MOM! CAN I GO TO STARBUCKS AT 4:30 ILL BE HOME AT 5:45 PROMISE!" I yelled. "OK, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IF YOUR LATE!" She yelled back and I could hear her slapping her hands together witch made me wince. "Yes ma'am," I mumbled walking to their house.

-skip it coz I'm saving you from boringness :B-(I'm so nice<3)

"Thanks for walking me home Calum" I smiled at the beautiful boy in front if me. "No problem Em" he smiled kissing my cheek as I blushed really bad. "Thanks," I said again and slipped into my house.

"EMILA! GET UP HERE NOW!" I heard my mum yell angrily. 'I wonder why," I thought. An then checked the time. "Crap, 6:10" I said and walked up the stairs.

"I'm sorry mum!" I yelled as she called me worthless, fat and ugly.

Then she punched my jaw my temple and my stomach and my eye then she sent me to my room, which I gladly went to.

When I got to my room I cut 3 times.




Then I fell asleep.

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