She is broken.
That's all.
Can he fix her?
Before she falls?
Found out in...

Copyright's to @Jaden4054


7. 7

Emila's POV.

I woke up, I still dint have to go to school. Thank god. School Is as bad as my house.... Except Calum.. He said that he would enroll to my high school because they have 2 years off...

So I don't like school but I do at the same time. I don't cause of Ann but I do cause if Calum! 💖 I miss him really bad.. I think I like him. But I know he's doesn't like me back.

I walked downstairs in my old brown sweater and my worn out blue jeggings, witch I slept in.. I don't really have PJs so I just wear comfortable cloths.

"Emila! Go get me breakfast!" My lovely mother yelled -not sarcasm.-

"Yes mum!" I walked downstairs "StarBucks?" I asked. "Yes," my mom said. "StarBucks." She said pointing to the door.

"Maybe Calum is there," I mumbled walking to StarBucks.

I got there. And Calum was there! He was standing in line and I tapped his shoulder. I could tell it was him cause he was wearing his 5SOS hoodie.

"Emila!" He hugged me as u blushed an hugged back, "hey Calum." I said letting go.

"You gettin the usual?" He asked. "Yeah." I said and ordered then waited.

-25 mins-

Me and Calum went to go our orders. "It was nice seeing you," I said hugging him once more before I left.

"You to," he said hugging back getting ready to leave. "I'll text you!" He yelled as he kept walking. So did I.

As I got home I gave my mum her breakfast. "Good, now go to your room," she ordered. "Yes ma'am!" I said walking to my room.

(A/n- should I continue.)

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