She is broken.
That's all.
Can he fix her?
Before she falls?
Found out in...

Copyright's to @Jaden4054


6. 6

Emila's POV.

Today was the day! I get to go to 5SOS's house today!!! I. Am. So. Happy!

I shot up and changed into a blue sweater with a pink heart with the words, 'Everyone Loves' inside of it. I got my light blue jeans and and my pink slides. I straightened my naturally curly hair and then I put on mascara. JUST! This once.

I then left... Grabbing a bottle of water in the process.

Luke sent me the address last night. So I took a bus to 'Noble's Hotel.' It. Was. Huge. Like massive! I walked in.

Just like Ashton promised.. He was in the lobby on his phone. With a green hoodie and blue sunglasses. I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder.

"Ashton?" I asked "Emila?" He asked back sarcastically. "Yeah" I laughed as he lead me to their room.

"Hi guys!" I said once I got there. "Hey!" They all said at the.... Same....... Time....... Again!

"Creepy" I said and laughed a little.

Calum walked up to me and said he wanted to give me a tour.

"So, Emila, this is the bathroom, my room, Luke's and Michael's room, and Ashton's room." He pointed to each room. "Pretty." I said "yeah" he sighed and we walked back to the living room.


I was late home... But I did get her dinner.

"You... Your stupid and worthless! I SAID 7:45!!! AND YOU COME HOME AT 8:15?!" She yelled punching me everywhere she can..

"I'm sorry" I chocked out as she threw me on the stairs and told me to go up stairs and go to sleep. I did as told.

I got up there and laid down and fell fastly asleep...

(A/n-good or nawh???)

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