She is broken.
That's all.
Can he fix her?
Before she falls?
Found out in...

Copyright's to @Jaden4054


5. 5

Emila's POV.

I dint have school today so yeah.... But I did get up and dressed into a really dark blue long sleeve dress and my black boots they go higher then above my shin. So like hooker boots.

I let my hair fall into its natural black straightness. I went to StarBucks and fortunately saw 5SOS.

Calum recognized me and called me over as I took my water. As you realize, I do not eat. I'm trying to get skinny...

I walked over, sat beside Ashton and set my water down.

"Hey your that we signed the phone to?" Ashton asked like a question. "Yes," I mumbled "I'm Emila." I said sipping my water. Luke started giggling and Calum elbowed his ribs, Luke stopped laughing.

I shot Calum a questioning look, he just smiled at me.... 'Weird' I thought.

"So your Emila?" Michael asked. "Yes, that's what I said" I answered sipping my water again. "Ok, ok, sorry" he put his hands up in defense. "Sorry if that came on mean" I whispered. "Your fine" the said at the same time.

"That was creepy.." I laughed. I looked at my phone. "Hey guys I have to go.." I said.

"Wait! Can we put our phone numbers in your phone?" Luke asked. "Yeah" I said and handed them my phone.

When they were done, I got my phone back said bye and bought my mum a coffee and a muffin and threw my water away and left.

When I gave my mum the coffee and muffin. She said get out of my room before I slap you. I did.

I went to my room and got on my phone.. Only to get a message from Luke?

L-Luke E-Emila


E-hey Luke....?

L-yeah! Of course who else? ;)

E-a.... Stranger?!

L-haha funny!

E-yeah, funny!

L-yeah, can you come over at 6 tomorrow?

E-yea sure!

L-great, I g2g

E-Kk bye

Now to talk to mum.

"Hey mum can I go to StarBucks at 6 tomorrow?" I asked "only if you bring me dinner by 7:45!" She commanded. "Yes mum thank you!" I said and walked to my room.

It's 9:45 so I changed into pj's and went to bed.

(A/n-how is it?)

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