She is broken.
That's all.
Can he fix her?
Before she falls?
Found out in...

Copyright's to @Jaden4054


4. 4

Emila's POV.

I woke up to my alarm... Wait alarm?! School?! No!!

I woke up and got up anyway and I got dressed in a black sweater an red jeggings and my brown combat boots. I brushed my teeth and pulled my hair up in a pony.

I walked downstairs and grabbed my school bag from the barstool then I walked out the door on my way to my horrid school.

I was walking when Ann came up to me.

"Hey Emila, walking alone again?" She looked at me. "Doesn't surprise me." She paused. "No-one likes you" she snickered. "Really no-one" she looked at her nails and then gave me a fake smile.

"What do you want Ann?" I asked speeding up a little bit, so do Ann. "I want you to be skinny and pretty" she smirked "but I guess we don't get what we want?" She looked at me with big green eyes "huh?" She asked.

"I'm not in the mood Ann" I told her speeding up a lot more. "You never are" Ann sighed then walked right past me with her 'crue.'

Ann turned around. "YOUR NOT WORTH IT ANYWAY!" She yelled and flipped her pony and strutted off.

Ann is head cheerleader. So she's really popular. She always picks on me. She doesn't physically hurt me... Only vurbally.. She does that's every morning except its always something different...


I finally got to school.

I don't want my mum driving me so I usually walk to school. I walked ever since she started abusing me which was when I was in 6th grade.

I walked to my locker and Liam walks up to me.

"Hey Emila" he said. "Hi" I mumbled. "No offense but when I smile it doesn't mean I like you so don't talk or look at me." He said then walked away.

"Well, that was unexpected." I grumbled.

Ann walked over to me yet AGAIN!

"Did Liam talk to you?" She asked evilly "yeah" I said closing my locker. "Good me and him are kind of a thing now and I know you USE TO like him" she smiled a fake smile "now that you know back off" she glared and walked away.

I went to my first period, Science.

-skip rest of day-

I went home and got a text. Calum.

C-Calum E-Emila


E-hey.. Calum right?

C-yeah of course!

E-ok good.

C-do you wanna go to StarBucks at 5 tonight?

E-umm sure? I thought they closed then?

C-they do.. It will be reserved

E- hey I g2g my mum is calling me

C-oh ok, see you soon ;)

E-Kk bye

I ran upstairs to my mum.

She slapped me for being late and asked me to go get her dinner from StarBucks.

"Actually mum." I sighed "can I go to StarBucks at 5? I'll be home at 6:30 to give you dinner!" I pleaded. "Ok fine" she sighed.

I got to StarBucks and stayed till 6:15 and came home with a coffee for my mum and a muffin for her.

I gave them to her for no beating and went to bed.

(A/n- should I continue?)

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