She is broken.
That's all.
Can he fix her?
Before she falls?
Found out in...

Copyright's to @Jaden4054


2. 2

Emila's POV.

I woke up to my mom screaming at me to go get her some breakfast from StarBucks.

"EMILA! COME DOWN HERE AND GET MY BREAKFAST!" I mumbled some words and walked downstairs.

I slept In a sweater and a pair of black jeggings and my hair in a bun so I just had to put shoes on and then I was ready!

"Yes mum! What would you like?" I smiled like a little school girl. "Stop smiling at me!" She growled. "And I want a black coffee and a muffin." She ordered. I slipped in my flats and went out.

I felt around in my pocket and luckily I found my ear-plugs and my phone/IPod.

"God, don't even say please!!" I grumbled on the way to StarBucks.

5SOS VooDoo doll came on and I started singing very quietly. I walked into StarBucks and saw a-bunch of screaming girls. I just turned up my music. But... Then I saw them! 5SOS!!!!! "Omg!" I wispherd. "It's them." I saw Claum, and he looked at me and smiled. I blushed. Claum is my favorite... But I had to get my mum coffee then I ha to leave.... It sucked. But before I left I walked cautiously over because most of the girls were gone. It was just 2 prissy 14 year olds that we're flipping there hair and giggling. Obliviously attempting a flirt.

"Excuse me.." I used my small voice. "Can you please sign this?" I asked cautiously handing them my Phone. Turned on the back with no case. Their signature will be my case.

"Sure love." Michael smiled at me. They all signed and Claum was last. I saw he put his number with 2 X's at the end. I blushed when I read it. I smiled at them and said bye and kept my head down. Grabbed my order an was close to the door but Calum stopped me. "Wait!" He said pushing past his band members and one of the 14 year olds that we're attempting flirt with him.

"What's you name?" He stopped me. "Emila?" I asked more like a question. "I already know who you are." I giggled before he got to say anything. "Oh yeah..." He slightly blushed, "well I guess you better go?" He asked me rubbing the back of his neck and playing with his black beanie. "Yeah... Are you sure YOU want ME to have YOUR number?" I asked castiously. "Yeah I wouldn't have put it there if I dint want YOU to have it!" He smiled and did his cute little giggle.

I rubbed my pale arm nervously, slightly washing over my scars. I cringed.. "Oh sorry, am I freaking you out?" He stepped back slightly. "No, no! It's just...." I hesitated "nothing." I fake smiled. I looked at the time of my phone. "OH GOD! I'm sorry Calum but I gotta go!" I squeaked and ran off. "Um.... Ok bye Emila!" I heard him yell.

I got home to my mum looking pissed off. "IM TAKING AWAY YOUR PHONE FOR A 5 DAYS AND YOU GET A BEATING!!!" My mum yelled red in the face. "Come here." She said more softly and motioned me over there. I dropped her food and cautiously walked over.

She punched me in the stomach 2 times and punched my cheek and then pushed me down and called me fat and worthless then she kicked me in the stomach and ran into her room crying.

'God she's Bi-Polar.' I thought.

I hobbled up the stairs an into my room. She totally forgot about my phone. I laid down to fall asleep after about 3 mins, covering my stomach with my hands.....

(A/n: should I cointinue?!)

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