She is broken.
That's all.
Can he fix her?
Before she falls?
Found out in...

Copyright's to @Jaden4054


15. 14

Emila's POV.


Today is me and Calum's date. Saturday May 13 2014. I will never forget this date! I swear to you.


I woke up at 10:30 am and checked my phone.


50 notifications from Ann and her minions on Twitter. Then Calum.

'@calumhood-- Do you @ann_rules have anything better to do?? And all of you other guys @clarycrys @crystilaziedyoureyes @pattylove and last and certainly least... ? Your so pathetic using all your shitty precious time to make fun of a beautiful girl who is way better than all you low life's who make fun of her! Oh and @ann_rules ya well you really don't. You actually suck!! Making fun of innocent @emmy-depressed (who should really change her name to @beautiful_amazing-girl) so Ann and all you (Ann's minions) go put duck tape ova yo mouta!'


I blushed so much after reading that. Wow, i guess he really likes me. It's so weird. I start getting ready because it's already 3:35. I have to shower, find cloths, and just chill. So that will take me till at least 4:30. He's coming over here at 5:00. 

I hop in the warm shower and shower for about 30 mins. I get out and grab a black fishnet sweater with a plain black thin long sleeve under, a pair of white skinny jeans and my high top Vans with a white base and black cheetah prints. I keep my hair its natural wavyness. 

I finished off with eyeliner and lip gloss. I was ready at 4:35. I have time so i just sit down and play Crossy Roads until i hear a knock on my door and i walk outside to see Calum in a beanie a All Time Low long sleeve and black skinnys and his all black converse. He looked adorable.

"Hi" I say.

"Hey Em, you look great." He blushes and so do i.

"Thank you Calum." I say and grab his hand. We start walking off towards the woods. "Cal, where are we going? Your not going to murder me are you?" I slighty laugh nervously. 

'No Em, I'm taking you to my secret spot. I always go here when i'm upset and it's beautiful." He says looking at me and slightly smiling. 

-20 mins-

"Where here" he says and i look to see a beautiful mountain view. It has a lot of pine trees.

"It's so beautiful!" I gasp. I see a perfect tree for climbing so i go up to the tree and start climbing. I always love doing this i always have and always will. 

"What are you doing Em?" Cal asks as i get higher into the tree. 

"Climbing a tree" I say and go a little higher and then I stop. 

"I'm taking a picture!" He screams up to me. 

"Ok" I say. "Take a picture on my phone to!" I scream down. 

"Got it!" He takes the pictures and I climb down. 

"So," I say and lean into him. 

"So," He mocks and lays his arm around me. 

"Lets go back ok?" I say. It's already 7:00. 

"ok" he says and we walk back.

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