She is broken.
That's all.
Can he fix her?
Before she falls?
Found out in...

Copyright's to @Jaden4054


14. 13

Emila's POV.

Around 1am I heard my front door slam. I grabbed my bat and slowly walked down thinking it's a burglar.

I turned on my kitchen light and saw.. Not a burglar, but worse..

"Mom?" I asked surprised to see my mom stumbling into the kitchen.

She had a tight gold dress on and black heels and another girl attached to her hip.

Her and the other girl started making out and taking off each others dresses and doing that.....

"Gross," I mumbled an walked back up stairs. I heard my moms door slam and moaning.

I plugged up my iPhone and started listening to music to block out the moan and 'CHERL!!' Screams.

I fell asleep while listening to Green Day.

(An- I know short sorry peoples!! I'll update soon.)

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