Fire and Ice

I was ice, he was fire
Melting my heart with every breath;
When I'd go deep, he would pull me higher
Bringing me up when I felt I was falling
I was the clouds, he was the sun
Wiping my eyes and stopping the rain;
He kept me sheltered from the pain~


3. The Unknown

653 Days Before


I typed on my essay, trying to ignore my phone buzzing with Derek's name across the screen. I clicked the red 'end' button, and tried to concentrate on my assignment. I rubbed my temples, a headache forming, when an unknown number flashed across my screen. I raised an eyebrow, and reached for it curiously. I unlocked the screen, opening the message:

So your Harry's new toy?

I rolled my eyes, Derek just didn't know when to stop. I locked the screen again, putting it back on my desk turning back to my computer. I turned on 'How to save a life' by The Fray when my phone buzzed again, with an unknown number again. I felt my temper rise and snatched up my phone:

Don't roll your eyes at me again Jayy....

But good choice, I like The Fray

I dropped my phone, looking instantly to my window. I rushed to it, glancing outside before hastily drawing my curtains, sweat slick on my palms:

Aw! But you were so pretty! Open the curtains babe..

My breathing increased, I hadn't seen anyone outside. I leaned against my wall, it's just a prank calm down. I tried to slow my breathing,and after five minuets, it seemed to be working.My phone buzzed again, with the familiar 'unknown' flashing across the screen:

Very well. I'm sure I'll see you and Harry very soon. Have a good night, Jayy.


I ate silently, thinking about her smile. She was different, and I like different. "Harry? Harry!" My mother waved a hand in front of my face," You okay, darling?" I gave her a reassuring smile," Never better!" Gemma snorted from across the table," Yeah, he probably has another crush, which is no surprise." I sent a playful glare to her,"Whatever!" She grinned, causing me to do the same. I would do anything to protect my family, which was part of the reason I was in this mess.

As I finished my plate, mum and Gemma talked about mum's new job, and how they loved Hastings. " You know," mum said smiling," I think we have found ourselves the perfect spot!" I put my dishes in the sink as Gem agreed. I turned on my heel getting their attention," I'm going on up to do my assignments," I watched them both nod, before they continued on about a cute shoppe they found. Yeah, it's a good place, unless they find us.

I went up our stairs, gently shutting the door behind me. I sighed, looking at the stacks of boxes containing my belongings. I moved to my desk, and starting working on Maths.

652 Days Before


The next day

I slowly walked into English, fighting to keep my eyelids open. It hadn't been a good night, not one bit. After the texts and the fact I was alone in my house, I more or less curled in the corner with my brother's, Jake (Jacob), bat and tried to finish my assignments. And even when Jake and mum and dad arrived, I still didn't feel safe.

Of course they had asked,'what's wrong' to wit I responded dully,' nothing'. I had tried to play it off as not feeling good, and had excused myself after supper. After a quick shower with the lights off, I had slipped to bed for a sleepless night.

I now rested my head on my palm, closing my eyes a few minuets before Madam arrived. I hadn't realized I drifted to sleep until a gentle hand was sat on my back. I jumped in surprise, eyes searching for the culprit. A familiar head of curls and green eyes smiled at me,centimeters away from me, "Rough night, Jayy?" Of course, by now the class was staring at the two of us, so close together. I sat up straighter,"No, why do you ask?"

He grinned sliding in his desk," Well, love, your drooling on your desk." I looked down at a small puddle, and felt my face heat up. Luckily, Madam arrived and swiftly started class. I was trying to take notes and keep my eyes open when a folded piece of paper suddenly appeared on my spiral. I huffed and unfolded it, trying not to pull any attention to myself.

Love, your cute when your sleepy~H

I felt my face heat up and I stuffed the note in my pocket. I tried not to meet his eyes as the bell signaled the end of our class. I hurriedly packed my books, feeling his eyes on me. The room had thinned before he spoke,"I'm not going to let you walk alone, you know." I looked up, surprised," It's okay I can-" he shook his head,"Nah, your my girl, and your not walking by yourself." The class room instantly went silent, heads whipping in our direction.

I shrugged," Fine," and tried to ignore the fact he had called me 'my girl'. I hoisted my bag onto my shoulder, standing. He mirrored me, and followed me out the door. We walked in silence, passing several students who quieted as we passed. I could feel their eyes on me, as I made my way down the stairs, Harry by my side.


Harry was late yet again for lunch, but I still sat at my usual table. The lunchroom was uncharacteristically loud, but Dawn and Luce remained their usual selves. "He said what!!" Luce practically squeaked as I told them the conversation after English. I nodded," Right! And gave me this," I said pulling out the note. They both poured over it, absorbing every detail. "No. Freaking. Way!" Dawn exclaimed. I smiled taking the note back, putting back in my pocket. Dawn raised an eyebrow," So you and him are like-"

Harry appeared like yesterday, out of nowhere," Like what?" Dawn smiled, though being caught off guard," Nothing." She glanced between the two of us,"Actually Luce and I were just leaving." I felt a blush creep up my neck as they left me alone with Harry.

I watched him eat, and he looked up catching my eye, and wagging his eyebrows said," Like what you see, love?" I smiled,"Maybe!" He grinned the same grin he had the first day, and leaned closer to me," Good. It would be a shame if I was the only one who thought the other was utterly gorgeous." Feeling a boost of confidence, I leaned even closer,"It would." He smirked, his green eyes lingering at my lips, before he leaned back.

Suddenly I felt a cold chill. I looked around, nothing out of the ordinary. A few people had raised their eyebrows at us, but had turned away. I shrugged and decided to ask him about the messages,"Uh, Har?" He looked up once again from his lunch," You know, I think I love the way you say that," his eyes locked with mine as he whispered, "Har." My mouth went dry, making my breath hitch,"Uh," I couldn't do it. I couldn't tell him, not now. For all I know it could have been a prank.

Smiling I tried to brush it off," How are you liking Hastings?" I smiled as he launched into a conversation, laughing and smiling until the bell. As I walked out with him, I couldn't shake the feeling of someone watching me.

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