Fire and Ice

I was ice, he was fire
Melting my heart with every breath;
When I'd go deep, he would pull me higher
Bringing me up when I felt I was falling
I was the clouds, he was the sun
Wiping my eyes and stopping the rain;
He kept me sheltered from the pain~


4. Team Meeting

611 Days Before

~Six Weeks Later~


"All I'm saying, is that if he hurts you," Jake threw an apple to me,"I will castrate him on the spot." I rolled the apple around my finger tips," You know it's just a rumor, right?" He turned to face me," Well, sis, not for long."

I felt a small blush kreep up on my cheeks,"You don't know that." He sighed, turning to go into the screening room,mumbling," You are freaking blind." I followed him, passing a mirror, and stopped.

My shorts were only a few inches long and my black 'AC/DC' shirt was cut down to the bottom of my rib cage, exposing my bright white sports bra, my dream catcher tattoo peaking out from under it. My brown hair hung in loose waves, complimenting my makeup, which was done to perfection.

I jumped at the sound of Jake's laugh. He looked at me smiling,"You are such a-" the door bell cut him off. I looked up at him confused,"Team coming over?" Jake was the team football (soccer) captain, and they sometimes came over to chill before or after a game.

His eyes cut to the door,"Uh, yeah?" I felt my eyes widen, Harry was on the team. "Y-you could have told me!" I punched his arm, darting up the stairs. Before I closed my room door, I heard him call after me," What? Don't you want to see your boyfriend?"


"So you and Jake's sister?" I rolled my eyes, "No," I thought for a moment," Well not yet.." I hated that people always wanted to know. It was quiet annoying. Tommy looked at me in the rear view mirror," He might kill you," I smiled, "Alright." Carson peeked his head up," Yet is still the operative word here."

I felt a small twinge of anger but suppressed the urge to punch him in the mouth. Tanner, Tommy's brother, grinned wickedly," That girl is something I would like to take home and-" I felt my fist clench, but Tommy spoke before I burst,"God, Tanner! No one wants to hear your messed up fantasy!"

I watched his head swivel to his little brother,"Yeah, and mate, nobody in this car has the guts to even tap that." Heat lapped into my body, what's wrong with me! I've never felt this way about a damn girl.

I watched Tanner grin," You can't tell me you don't want to." I re-clinched my fist, reminding myself I was doing this for Mum, turning to watch the tall trees go by. Eventually, my anger subsided, as did the trees, leaving an iron fence in their place. The forest opened up into a meadow, with the kind of hills you only saw in movies.

I felt awe creep in my chest. "Yeah, they've got some nice property." I jumped when Carson spoke. Turning my head curiously,"You mean-?" He nodded," This, my friend, is only their drive."


I looked in the mirror for the thousandth time. I hadn't changed clothes, I had just sat and listened to the sound of teenage boys under my feet. I found myself longing to be with them, or to be more exact, Harry.

I heard his laugh, muffled through the walls. Goosebumps rose on my arms. Did I really want to date him? My heart screamed,' Yes,' but Dawn's voice was etched in my mind,

"I've heard about him, Kayla. He's bad news." I raised my eyebrows," What kind of bad things?" She looked around before leaning closer," He's got demons and they're still chasing him."


Did you get it?" I watched him sweep his brown hair out from in front of his blue eyes, pulling on the strap of a black backpack, " Of course." He dug into the bag, producing a camera. I held my hand out, waiting for the object.

He watched me, shaking his head, but handed it to me.

I opened the file, scrolling through the pictures. A fair brunette with striking blue eyes stared back at me. I felt my heart speed up, thumping loudly in my chest. She sat in a desk, with a familiar head of curls looking over at her. Another of him holding her hand, making unfamiliar rage boil my insides. The next one held a multi-million dollar house, with the same girl unlocking the door.

Each picture held the girl, some with Harry, others of her all alone. I felt something stir in my chest, those eyes. I pushed it down, glancing up, "Good work, but where's-?" The door burst open, the other tall brown eyed man stalked in, flanked by a blonde," He's in their house." I raised my eyebrows, and ran a hand through my hair,"Well, we might just have to pay them a visit." I straightened and felt a smirk slip on my face as a stepped to the door,

"She will be mine,"

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