Fire and Ice

I was ice, he was fire
Melting my heart with every breath;
When I'd go deep, he would pull me higher
Bringing me up when I felt I was falling
I was the clouds, he was the sun
Wiping my eyes and stopping the rain;
He kept me sheltered from the pain~


1. Prologue

"No, please! You promised me!" I felt the sparks I loved turn into dangerous flames.

He looked away," Jayy, please don't-"

"No!" I shouted feeling tears roll down my cheeks freely," You think you do, but you don't!"

I felt the flames burn brighter on the inside as he turned back to me, eyes misty.

His voice was barely above a whisper,"You and I both know that's not true."

I reached for him, my heart burning away," Please, Har."

He closed the distance between us quickly, his lips locking with mine, mingling our tears.

"Don't do it," they had said.

I had ignored them.

"His eyes lie," they whispered

But I loved them.

We were complete opposites.

But we were perfect.

From the way he said my name, to the way our lips fit together.

He pulled back ending the kiss. He locked his eyes with mine, whispering," Didn't your parents teach you not to play with fire?"

The ice within me melted.

That had been what he said the first time we kissed.

My fingers lingered on his chest, whispering back," No, I've always been ice."


He would leave the next morning, leaving nothing but a note on his pillow.

This is not the end. I promise


AN: Hey guys! I'm so sorry but the other Fire and Ice was deleted :(. But, here is a new and improved version. I hope you like it, and would love to hear your opinions! You are lovely!

Xoxoxoxo~ M

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