Fire and Ice

I was ice, he was fire
Melting my heart with every breath;
When I'd go deep, he would pull me higher
Bringing me up when I felt I was falling
I was the clouds, he was the sun
Wiping my eyes and stopping the rain;
He kept me sheltered from the pain~


2. First Day

654 Days Before


I scribbled furiously at my finial paragraph for my English paper. It was Friday, and supposed to be a good day, but leave it to guys to wreck that. Where did it go wrong? I shook the thought from my head. He cheated on you, get over it! He doesn't deserve my time.

Derek Lawson was nothing but a lier and cheater. He had been my boyfriend of two years. Two freaking wasted years of my life, just to cheat on me with some trash from Brighton. I rolled my eyes, putting the finishing touches on my paper when Madam Leigh strolled in," Class! We have a new student today-" I glanced down at my paper, did I seriously miss spell audio biography!? I erased the word quickly, and began to write down the correct way. My gosh, that would have been- wait why is everyone quiet?

Madam Leigh had concluded her speech, apparently, and now a tall, green eyed, tattooed guy stood in front of the class. I then realized, he was staring at me. My breathing increased slightly, knowing the only empty desk was the one next to me.

"Harry," Madam started but his eyes never left me," You may be seated by Miss Cole. She will show you around today." I watched, like everyone else, his confident stride toward me. As he took his seat, his spicy-sweet cologne wafted to my nostrils. He leaned over the desk and with a deep, smooth voice whispered," That's not all you will be showing me."

I felt a blush creep to my cheeks, as Leigh started the class. I tried to focus on the notes, but I was all to aware of the boy next to me. I studied him. Brown curls peeped out of his gray beanie, he flexed his jaw when he wrote, and he had a black lip ring standing out against his lips.

The bell rang, startling me out of my thoughts. I started packing slowly, hoping he would leave, but he remained. As he watched me, I silently cursed myself for braiding my hair, with just a plain shirt and dark skinny jeans. I straightened, but he spoke wickedly smirking,"So, are you even going to tell me your name? Mine's Harry." I pushed the cloud that seemed to appear in my mind when he smiled away, "Jakayla, but most people call me Kayla." I smirked as his dimmed," Love, I'm not 'most people'."

I shrugged, my insides screaming, why did he call me 'love',"Okay, then. What class?" His eyes narrowed, studying me. I cocked my head to the side, smiling, trying to throw off his guard. His face suddenly broke out in a grin,"Free Study." I nodded," Follow me," I turned on my heel starting for the door. "I would follow you," he mumbled,"anywhere."

I had led him past the bulletin board, and into the stairwell before he spoke again,"I know!" His pace quickened until it matched mine. We walked onto the first floor foyer, people already staring. Yeah, I guess you could say I was....... Well known, to say the least. My family had inherited a huge corporation, and pretty much became rich over night.

Their eyes followed us as he finished his sentence, cutting me off by stepping in front of me, "I'll call you Jayy." His hand swooped and grabbed mine, bringing it to his lips. I felt my face flush,"Uh," he smirked, folding our fingers together. I felt my mouth open and close at a loss of words. "Are you going to show me to my class, love?" I felt my lips twitch into a smile,"Sure." As we walked, he never let go of my hand.


"Okay, so it's all over school, but I have to hear it from you," Dawn stated the moment I sat down,"did he seriously-" "Yeah, he did. I don't see why it's a big deal," I said rolling my eyes. Dawn was my best friend from prep school. Lucy had moved here a few years ago and now rounded on me," Because I don't believe I've ever seen someone that....... BEAUTIFUL IN MY LIFE! What are you thinking," she rolled her eyes," Not that big of a deal," she snorted. To tell you the truth, I secretly was shocked too, but there was no way I was telling them that.

Dawn grinned," I was in English, if you haven't forgot," I felt heat run to my face," and I happened to see the way he looked at yo-" a tray sat down beside me. "Hello, love," his deep voice greeted me. I watched their mouths,as well as the rest of the room, hit the ground as he took a seat next to me. "Hi Har." He turned to look at me sideways," Har? I like it." I smiled, looking back to Dawn and Luce.

"Hi," they squeaked at the same time, looking terrified. He glanced up at them," Hello, I'm Harry," he watched them for a moment,"and I don't bite," he pondered something for a moment, turning to me,"Though I don't think I can say the same to you, love." I heard Luce choke on her soda, and Dawn make a sharp intake of breath. I, however, just raised my eyebrows, while he wagged his.

Slowly, a small grin tugged on my lips. "What!" Dawn finally managed to stutter, but he remained smiling at me. I noticed a small reflection in his eyes, and before it disappeared, I could have sworn it was love.


After the bell rang, I pushed myself into a faster pace listening to the rain hit the roof. Two girls stood by lockers snickering,"Derek cheated on her I be he will do the sa-" the caught sight of me and silenced. My shoes squeaked, making the only sound in the hall. I felt pain invade my mind, even though I thought I hadn't done anything wrong. I felt the cold door under my palms, silently wondering if I was to become that way, and stepped in the rain.


I slipped on my beanie and rings, smirking at the thought of another girl. My black lip ring shined against my teeth, as I slipped out of the house. Mum wasn't up, and Gem would kill me if I had woken her, so I slipped a note on her car windshield, turning toward school.

People moved out of my way when I arrived, all staring at me. I kept my eyes up, and cold glare on. It was good they were scared, I would hate for me to have to beat them. I scanned the room numbers, finding the English class easily. Madam Leigh greeted me, and I tried to avoid rolling my eyes when she gave the 'new student' spill.

When she said my name, I entered confidently. Mouths dropped, and everyone stared, except her. I felt something shift inside of me; she was so........ Indescribable. She looked up, meeting my eyes, and turned red. I could just hear Zayn's voice," That would be a perfect one. She's a good girl, and will believe anything."

But when I sat down across from her, I knew she was anything but. Something about her just was different. I felt curiosity lurk in my stomach, and I followed the feeling. I asked her name, acting confident, but was shaken.

I never felt this way. Niall's voice drifted to my head,"Manipulate her Harry!" I felt her hand in mine, and I knew. Everything they told me screamed against it, but I felt myself slip. This time it will be different, I thought, this time, I promise.

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