What now? {luke hemmings}

Okay so uhm..this is my first ever fanfiction and I am going to do my best to make it as perfect as possible so..yeah enjoy I guess?❤️


5. school

Gabriella pov

I took my bike and raced to school. When I got to my school I dropped my bike and locked and ran into the school. I got to my locker and heard Anthony screaming from behind me "omg you made it I thought you were gonna get so late." He said moving his voice higher when saying so late. " yeah I rushed. I almost killed a squirrel but okay." I said laughing."let's go now before we get too late ." Anthony said. We walked to our class. I told him everything about the concert and the short meet&greet he was so amazed and so was I. "Why hasn't he called me yet?" I said sad. " maybe you weren't the only one or he just hadn't had time. I mean he needs to practice and he has to travel alot."he said. " but he is gonna be in Amsterdam for a whole week?" We entered into our classroom. I didn't pay much attention. I was just wondering if he is even going to bother to try and call me. I mean he has probably asked all the other girls' numbers too. What is special about me? Nothing." And what is the answer Mrs Gabriella Smith?" Shit I don't know what she is been talking about. " uhmm...uh..." I was so confused."Uhm 241?" I said. "Mrs Smith and can you tell us how you got the answer?" "I just...kinda...added and multiplied it and stuff.." Everyone looked confused untill Sarah began to laugh."This is history,stupid." Everyone started laughing." Oh..." I said blushing like a tomato. " Mrs Smith please pay attention. You're grades are not that high and you do not want to fail this class." She said. "Yes Miss I am sorry I am just a little tired from yesterday." I half lied.

OKAY FIRST OF I'M SO SO SO SORRY!!!!!i'm legit writing this in the middle of the night bc holy fxck it has been forever..school has ruined my life. So many god damn test and omg tomorrow 20/05/15 5 seconds of summer will be in Amsterdam to perform(they are already here.)and guess who is not allowed to go?ugh my grades are ruining MY-LIFE . My phone got taken away and once I got it back it broke( T_T) and now I have a new one. Yay ^_^ well anyway i know this is super duper short but i'll try to write more and I wanna start a new story named 'truth or dare?' I already made a little story and a cover. But idk what is you guys' opinion. Should I start a new one (and keep writing this story aswell.)? Well anyway Once again i'm sorry I promise I will start writing more. <3

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