What now? {luke hemmings}

Okay so uhm..this is my first ever fanfiction and I am going to do my best to make it as perfect as possible so..yeah enjoy I guess?❤️


2. Her number

Luke pov

Michael opend the door just a small bit looking through it and wispering a bit. I was confused. " what's going on aye?" Me,Ashton and Calum asked at the same time. " I'll be right back mates" Michael said with a grin. A few seconds later he came back saying we have to follow him. "Gaaaaaahhh I don't feel like walking!" Calum said while pushing his face in a pillow. "You have to come! C'mon stand up don't be such a baby!" Michael said.We all stood up and walked through the door into the hallway as we stopped at a door. "Okaay...three...twoo...oneeee" Michael shouted. As we walked into the room we saw a group of girls screaming and crying of happiness. Ashton walks over to Michael " what the hell mate! Why did you start a meet and greet?". " oh c'mon don't get mad...look at them". Michael said with puppy eyes. They all started to mumble while I was looking through the group of girls. When suddenly my eyes fell on her again. My heart started beating faster. The palms of my hands were suddey really sweaty. I was just about to meeg her. Maybe I can secretly ask for her number? Or would that be the wrong thing to do? So many questions started going through my mind. When suddenly Calum tapped my shoulder. " earth to Luke! Earth to Luke". I snapped out of my thoughts. "Uhmm...yes...uh w..what's up mate?" I said nervously. "What's wrong you look nervous?" Calum said. "Oh uhm it's nothing" I lied. " you sure?" Calum said. "Yes, don't worry about it. It's nothing". I lied again. "Okay stop chitchatting ladies and sit down so we can sign our cd's for them." Ashton said laughing.

I sat down looking at every girl walking by. I was not paying much attention to all the other girls. I took a few pictures and gave a few hugs. The last girl that walked by was she. As she was coming closer my heart started beating faster and faster. There she stood. In front of me with a perfect smile." OMG I love you so so so so much " she said with happy tears in her eyes. " thank you that's sweet of you. I love you too". I answered. I can't believe it. Just a second ago I was afraid to talk to her. And now I already said that I love her. " so what is your name? I asked while signing her cd. " Gabriella".she said with the cutest smile ever." Okay....lots of love from Luke....to Gabriella" I read as I wrote. Gabriella...her name is so dreamy. I thought to myself. " Can I take a picture with you?" She asked quitly. " yeah ofcourse!" I said. "Uhm come closer I have to ask you something" I said. "Omg yes" she said while coming closer. "Can I get your number babe?" I asked her. " OMG SIRIOUSLY! " she shouted. The boys looked my way. Shit!" Yes ofcourse you can take a picture with me". I said to break the awkwardness. I stood up and we took a picture. Then I gave her a piece of paper she wrote down her number with a heart behind it. She started blushing and walked away I put her number in my pocket and then stood up. " thank you all for coming you guys are the best! " Ashton said as we all left the room. I was probably the happiest person in that room. As soon as Michael closed that door. I ran to our dressing room. I took my phone and put her number in. Right when I was about to press save. The boys walked in asking me why I ran away. I ignored them and saved it. " uhm hello?" Michael said. " are you gonna answer us or what?" He asked. " yeah,uhm, I had to text my friend when the show would be over....and...I just realised it and...yep" I lied. "Yeahh....? Okaaay theeen?" Calum said confused.

{ OMG please comment ! I wanna know what you guys think about it. Okay I hope you guys enjoyed I am gonna try to update as much as I can love you xxxx byeeebaaabaaabooo 12/10/'14}

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