What now? {luke hemmings}

Okay so uhm..this is my first ever fanfiction and I am going to do my best to make it as perfect as possible so..yeah enjoy I guess?❤️


3. Gabriella

Gabriella pov

After Luke left the room. I was breathless. Did he really just ask my number? Did he ask all the girls or was it just me? I searched for my bestfriend,Sarah, through the group of girls. Sarah's personality is just like mine. She is shy but not. It's complicated. Anyway, I finally found her. " OMG SARAH!" I shouted. "WHAT? WHO CALLED ME?" She shouted back. "SARAH? IT'S ME ! I AM WAVING AT YOU" I shouted back. " DON'T LIE! I DON'T KNOW A ME".she shouted back. I face palmed. And walked through all the girls to her." Sarah!" I said." Oh hey gab, some random girl named 'me' just called me. Isn't that weird?" She said looking all serious." Yep...anyway I am dying! Luke Hemmings just asked for my number! Don't tell anyone". I told her as quit as possible. "Did he ask your number too?" I asked. " OMG seriously? No! Omg girl he likes you" she said. "Shhhttt be quit let's talk about it in the car".

*few moments later ,back in the car*

"So what were you saying?" Sarah asked excited. " okay in the concert Luke kept looking at me. And then he asked for my number. I gave him my number and he started smiling. Do you think he only asked my number? Ugh I don't get it! I am waaaaay to ugly!" I said. " SHUT-UP!" Sarah said teasingly." You are damn bootyful! " she said in a baby voice. "Aahw love you hun." I said.

*back home*

I was tired and layed down on my couch assoon as I got in. I got myself a drink and put on the tv. After a few min. I put my head back at the armrest of our couch. I close my eyes and think about what will happen next.....

I hear my phone ring. I excitingly pickup without looking who the caller is " hello, with gab...riella" I say. " hey,why are you so happy?" I hear a boys voice say. "Wait who is this?" I say confused. " it's me, Anthony". "Oh ugh..." I say. "Pfft thank you I thought I was your best friend but nevermind now!" He says joking. " s...sorry" I say sleepy, " Luke Hemmings asked my number and I thought he called me but I guess that won't happen" I say dissapointed, " aaahhw it's alright! Don't worry he'll call yahh" he says trying to cheer me up. " but why are you calling me in the middle of the night?" I say while jawning. " uhm...it's 8:00...you have to take the bus to school by now?" He says confused. " OMG SERIOUSLY OMG I AM NOT EVEN READY!" I say half crying. " I'M GONNA GO GET READY TALK TO YOU LATER BYE LOVE YOU"I say. Before he could answer hung up the phone. I went upstairs and washed mu face. Then changed my clothes. Did my hair. And put on a bit of make-up. I was wearing a pink oversized sweater and some black leggings and black converse. I put my hair up into a ponytail and I had some mascara, eyeliner and pink lipstain.

{Omg sorry it took so long to update. I was really busy and I had to do allot of stuff I tried to write when I had time so yeah please follow me and I promise to update soon . Love you all xxbyeeebaaabaaaboooo 18/10/'14}

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