Runaway Heart • Luke Hemmings

❝he isn’t your typical bad boy with good looks, he’s a good boy, with bad habits. And that my dear is worse of them all. ❞


6. Five

Rylie's POV

Luke’s face was surprisingly calm, and that scared me more then his angry face.


“What are you doing in here Rylie?” He said, addressing me directly for the first time. It took me a minute to get my nerve up.


“I was going to the bathroom and as I was walking back, I saw the picture of us.” I said trying to sound calm even though my heart was racing.


“Oh the picture. Yeah that was a good day.” He said, looking at me still with a blank face. Was he like a robot now or something? I’ve never seen him look so serious.


“Look Luke, I need to talk to you about--” I started to say before I was cut off by him.


“Rylie, I need you to act like you don’t know who I am. As if we have never met before. I have a different life now and I don’t want you coming in and messing it all up.” Luke said calmly.


His words felt like bullets hitting my chest. I fought back the urge to cry. Why was he being so harsh with me? I don’t understand how he could still be mad after two and half years about something so dumb.


“But Luke, can I just explain myself? I have to explain, you don’t understand.” I heard myself say quietly.


“I need you to understand that I have a huge opportunity in front of me and I need to stay focused. Not get into discussion about something that happened two and a half years ago. I would appreciate it if you just stayed out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours,” Luke said, making my chest hurt even more. I don’t understand.


“If that’s what you really want. But what about my mom? She knows you about as well as I do.” I said choking back tears, trying to sound calm.  


“I’ve talked to her and explained that I need to not associate with my old life. She was understanding.” Luke said.


So I guess that was it then. I had to go on an 8-month tour with a boy formally known as my best friend, that won’t even let me explain myself. Some kind of best friend he was, I thought getting mad. If he was going to be that rude and closed minded, then I didn’t want to explain myself. He can wallow in self-pity. I decided right then and there that if he was going to act like that, then I didn’t want to have anything to do with him.


“Fine. If you want to just forget our friendship then that’s your choice. I won’t stand in your way. But I am going to be here regardless if you want me to be or not. And I actually want to have fun on this tour. So why don’t you just stay out of my way as well,” I said surprised by my courage. I walked across the room, past Luke and out the door. I heard Luke turn as I walked through the doorway and stopped in my tracks. I turned around to see his face looking like he had just been slapped.


“Nice to see you Luke. I hope you had a good two and a half years of ignoring me.” I said giving him a huge smile before turning and walking down the stairs.


I tried to calm my thoughts and emotions as I walked down the stairs and back onto the main floor. How could my best friend of 10 years end up being such a little baby? He was never like that when we were friends. The Luke I knew was calm, cool and laid back. Like who was this Luke? I don’t know but I had no interest in finding out.


Now that we had set our boundaries, I could spend my time with other people. Like Michael, Calum and Ashton for instance. Especially Ashton, I thought as I saw his head poking up from the couch. I walked towards him and sat down right next to him. His head shot up from the laptop he was on, looked at me, and gave a huge smile.


“There you are love. Where did you run off to?” he said to me with another brilliant smile.


“I was just in the loo. How did the meeting go?” I asked trying to stark a conversation.


“It went really well! I am so excited to get going on this tour and to see all of our fans.” Ashton said sweetly. Aww he was so cute.


Out of the corner of my eye I saw Luke walk down the stairs. I scooted closer to Ashton to look at what he was doing on the laptop.


“You guys have so many twitter followers, how do you even keep up with all of them?” I asked.


“Well that’s the thing, we can’t really. I wish we could but there’s a lot. We just try to do a following spree every once and a while and then we reply to people when we can. But some girls are weird! They say the creepiest things.” Ashton said.


He kept talking about twitter, but I zoned out in the middle of it to admire his features. He was seriously so cute, in like a puppy dog way. His cheeks were so puffy and whenever he smiled he had the cutest dimples. His eyes were a brilliant shade of hazel, sometimes looking green, other times they looked brown. I really just wanted to cuddle with him. I could definitely get used to pretending I didn’t know Luke if it meant getting closer with Ashton. 

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