A day in the life of... A fangirl

I'm Lucy, my best friend is Michael Clifford. How do I know him? We grew up living on the same street. The other day he FINALLY introduced me to his band, I have been fangirling over them since 2011. Ashton and Calum are really cool... And Luke is the hottest guy you could ever lay your eyes on.


1. The knock on the door

Lucy's POV

"Muuuum you get it!" I shouted, I couldn't be bothered to get out of my bed, plus I'm in the middle of a Netflix marathon. "You are so lazy!" She shouted back to me, like I didn't already know. She opened the door and I heard it slam closed again... Must be Phil, Mums ex boyfriend. I heard her walk into the kitchen and let out a little weep.

Phil was horrible to us, mum was only with him because when dad died he was really supportive. Only when he got what he wanted he started abusing us, physically and verbally. Mum was in a terrible state for weeks. I didn't tell anyone apart from Michael what had happened.

My best friend is Michael Clifford... Yes THE Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds Of Summer. He said he's coming over later, he wants to talk to me?!? I dunno what's happening all I know is that I should probably go see mum.

As I was walking down the stairs, I heard someone banging on the door. I looked through the peephole to see if it was Phil. It was. I screamed "GO AWAY! NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE!" He obviously reacted and started trying to knock the door down.

I went into the kitchen to see mum, and call the cops of course. As I picked up the phone, I heard a huge crash and someone groan. Phil had knocked down the door. I called the cops and they said they would be there as soon as possible.

As I looked closer at Phil, I saw he had a knife in his hands. I was silently egging the police on to get here faster. Mum was obviously in shock. Her face was pale and her hands and lips were purple. "What do YOU want?" I asked him, emphasising on the You, looking him up and down and thinking to myself, you dirty little piece of shit.

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