Little Did I Know

Chloe Calloway is best friends with Perrie Edwards and Emily McCarter. Emily and Chloe moved from Doncaster, England to California in the United States. What happens when Chloe moves back to be with her friend Perrie, and Emily stays in the U.S.? Will the two meet some guys and fall head over heels? Or is it just a fluke? What about Emily? Will she come back to the U.K.? Read and find out!

Some language, no sexual contents (if there is I will give you a heads up)


1. Prolouge

It was a cool, breezy autumn day in Doncaster, England. I had just walked out of a little bakery with my hot chocolate with three little marshmallows. I was wearing a grey sweater with a kitten on it saying,"Hi. I'm a katten." with a black pea-coat over it. I had black leggings and grey button-up Uggs. My hair was in a messy bun and I had my contacts in. I was headed to the local park to meet my best friend, Perrie Edwards, for us to say a quick hello then go to my house for a girl day. Little did I know who I would meet there would change my life...

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