Little Did I Know

Chloe Calloway is best friends with Perrie Edwards and Emily McCarter. Emily and Chloe moved from Doncaster, England to California in the United States. What happens when Chloe moves back to be with her friend Perrie, and Emily stays in the U.S.? Will the two meet some guys and fall head over heels? Or is it just a fluke? What about Emily? Will she come back to the U.K.? Read and find out!

Some language, no sexual contents (if there is I will give you a heads up)


5. Phone Numbers

Perrie's P.O.V.

As soon as Chloe hit her bed, she shot back up into a sitting position just as quick. She started rummaging through her jacket pocket, then she pulled out a little sheet of paper, then another, then another, and another, and another!

"What...are...those...?" I ask slowly.

"" She responded with a weird little smirk on her face.

She pulled out her phone and next thing I know, she is calling someone.

Chloe's P.O.V.

Those sneaky little boys! They all sneaked their phone numbers into my bloody pocket! The first one I pulled out was Harry's:

(01320) 455-3882

You didn't think you could leave and not get our numbers did you? ;) -H xx

Next was Niall:

(01320) 673-1954

It would be hard to meet up again without contacting each other, don't you think? :) - Your Irish Leprechaun xxx

Then Zayn:

(01320) 862-5436

Just because the other did! ^-^ -Zaynie x

After him was Liam:

(01320) 371-8254

In case you need to chat with someone. :D -Leeyum xx

Finally Louis:

(01320) 465-7829

This is a business number from the hours 12pm-12pm. All other hours are personal hours. Feel free to call when you want some fashion tips!

P.S. I saw you looking at my outfit...XD -TommoBoy and Kevin (my beloved pigeon) xxx

By the time I finished reading these, Harry picked up. I decided to call him because I 'found' his number first.

"Hello?" His husky voice spoke.

"Can you please tell me why in the world you all snuck your phone needs on my pocket?!" I said, quite annoyed yet flattered that they went through that just to make sure we would meet again.

"Oh, hello to you to Chloe. I'm feeling very good thank you for asking. To answer your question, we wanted to make sure we would meet again." I could practically hear the smirk in his voice. "So, did you like our messages?"

"Yes I did, actually. Especially Louis'. Tell him I said it was very clever." I said sweetly, hoping he would tell Louis my message.

"Sure thing love."

"Thank you, sir."

"So...would you lovely ladies like to come over tonight for a movie night with me and the lads?" He asked. You can hear the nervousness in his voice.

"I don't know. We just met today. I don't even know your last names! For all I know you could be an axe murderer!" I replied while giggling.

"Very true. Well, in order to find out, we would have to meet again." Very clever, boy, very clever.

"Also correct. Well, maybe we could stop by for a little while." I said dragging the words out.

"Excellent! We look forward to seeing you two tonight" I just pictures the toothy grin he probably has on his face.

"What time should we be there?"

"How about seven o'clock? Considering it's five right now."

"That sounds lovely. See you then."

"See you as well. I will send you the address."

"Alright. Goodbye Harry.."

"Goodbye Chloe.." And with that he hung up.

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