Little Did I Know

Chloe Calloway is best friends with Perrie Edwards and Emily McCarter. Emily and Chloe moved from Doncaster, England to California in the United States. What happens when Chloe moves back to be with her friend Perrie, and Emily stays in the U.S.? Will the two meet some guys and fall head over heels? Or is it just a fluke? What about Emily? Will she come back to the U.K.? Read and find out!

Some language, no sexual contents (if there is I will give you a heads up)


2. A/N

Hello my lovelies! I know I used the same names as my other story and I am sad to say that I will be taking "It All Started on the X Factor" down because I really want to focus on this one. I may put it back up, but for now it is coming down. I hope you all enjoy this one! Like, comment, favourite, and fan!!! ❤️


P.S. Katten is a mix of cat and kitten. You can thank my friend for that :)

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