At Cambridge

A lot of things happened while I was at Cambridge. There were way too many thoughts and feelings and events and to simply note down, so I guess I'll tell the whole story. That's the only way it's going to make sense.
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2. Two

When I get into my dorm room, there's a massive, black curtain down the middle of the room. Ignoring the curtain, it's quite a big room, bigger than the typical dorm room and my half is sufficient enough, it's the size of a small bedroom which is more than I was expecting. Then again, it is Cambridge.

 It's completely bare right now other than the bed and the bedding. I get so excited about decorating my half of the room that I start putting the blankets I brought with me on my bed along with all the cushions my mum made me and soon enough my half of the room is pretty much complete. And then I remember the black curtain in the middle of the room. 

That must be where my room mate is. Maybe it's a bit extreme to hang a curtain to divide us, maybe she's just a very private person. Maybe it's just completely normal. I have no idea.

"Hello?" I call out and then peak my head around the side of the curtain. 

We aren't allowed to paint the walls here but this girl obviously wanted to because she has stuck multiple pieces of black paper up with blue tac. The bedding is of course black and the girl sitting on it is wearing black. She's quite thin with big curly hair and big brown eyes. She raises an eyebrow at me, taking an earphone out. 

"Yes?" she asks. 

"Hi." I smile. "I'm Daisy. I'm your roommate."

"Good for you." she nods at me, that eyebrow still raised as if she's expecting something. 

"I'm... just saying... hi, I guess." I shrug. 

"Hello." she says and I go back into my half. 

A bell rings signalling for us all to go down to dinner and I go, still not knowing my new roommate's name and feeling like she might just hate me a little bit. 

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