At Cambridge

A lot of things happened while I was at Cambridge. There were way too many thoughts and feelings and events and to simply note down, so I guess I'll tell the whole story. That's the only way it's going to make sense.
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27. Twenty seven

I don't have a lecture until the afternoon the next day and I wake up early for some reason so I decide to go and get Ed some stuff from this bakery that's not far off campus and take them to him for breakfast. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, he's going to be happy with all of this. I let myself in, ready to go and wake him up because it's still so early but I can see the TV on in the living room. 

"Hey!" I call, taking my shoes off. "I hope you-"

I stop short when I see George sat in there with him. I have no idea what is happening. 

"- don't mind but I have to skip later's lecture." I improvise. "I have a... meeting. About my student loan." 

Ed just stares at me for a moment, surprised and then seems to shake out of it. "Yeah! Yeah, no problem Daisy."

I smile at George and then rush out of the house, my cheeks burning red. Oh my god. They must have both been going over and essay or something, I know that Ed has students over for that sometimes. George must think I'm such a weirdo, bursting into a teacher's house like that, holding a huge bag of breakfast. I've spoken to George since we broke up, we're on friendly terms but it's still so embarrassing. I just go and hide in my room for a while before Ed texts me:

George has gone, do you still have time to come over or do you have super important student loan meetings to attend? 

I let myself in again and wander into his living room, holding up the bag. 

"I got you breakfast." I say, hopefully. 

He laughs. "Thank you. That's sweet of you."

I groan, flopping down on the sofa beside him. "I'm never surprising you again."

"It wasn't that bad." he puts an arm around me and takes a bite of a croissant and offers me the other one. 

I take it, chewing on it mournfully. "Who the hell has an attitude like that to burst into their teacher's house and shout at them about how they have some meeting so they won't be showing up to the lecture."

He looks at me. "To be honest, you kind of do."

I raise my eyebrows at him, looking shocked. "I'm not that bad!"

"You used to be, before we were together." he points out. 

I pause and then nod. "Yeah, that's fair. But George must think I'm such a freak."

"You don't have to care about what George thinks. You just worry about what I think of you, that'll keep you busy." he squeezes me. 

I laugh. "I don't care what you think. By the way, I can't show up to your lecture later or it will look suspicious. I'm so not sorry."

"Uh, you're showing up." he frowns, shaking his head. "It's not my fault that you barged in here."

"Well excuse me for bringing you breakfast!" I say, leaning away from him. "And you're not supposed to care about my studies anymore. Pick a side, you're either my boyfriend or teacher, there's no in between."

"I'll take teacher." he says. 

"Fine." I say nonchalantly, shrugging his arm off me and standing up, crossing my arms. 

"I'll take boyfriend!" he says quickly, grabbing my hand and laughing. 

"It's too late now!" I protest but I'm laughing too, restraining against him pulling me down towards him against. 

"Boyfriend, I will take being your boyfriend." he grins, pulling harder and I collapse onto his lap, laughing a bit too much for how funny it really is. I think it's just a laugh because I'm happy. He smiles as I lean my forehead against his. I giggle still. 

"I'll be there later." I promise. 

"Good. It'll be super exciting. We're going to discuss types of sentences and their uses. We're even going to talk about examples within... wait for it... books that we have read in class!" 

I gasp. "No freaking way!" 

He laughs and kisses me. I relax into him. It's weird how okay this feels when it's so wrong that we're together. We're not allowed, this isn't allowed, but we're not scared at all. Maybe we should be but maybe it's best that we don't think about it too much. Right now we're in a state of grace, things aren't complicated and I just want to focus on that. 

He pulls away and then glances out of the window, his eyes widening a little. I frown. 


"George is coming down the driveway. Uh, just sit there." He grabs a random essay and a pen and looks at me. "Pretend we're working on your essay."

"Why aren't we really working on my essay, by the way?"

"Because your essay was alright."

I grin. "Really? I thought it was bad."

"Yeah, we'll have the conversation on the fine line between alright and bad another day."

I stare at him. "I should start listening more in your lectures, right?"


George knocks on the door and Ed shouts at him to come in. He makes up some stuff talking to me about how I need to work on my punctuation and then smiles at George. 

"Anything you need, George?" he says kindly.

"Yeah please, sir, I was wondering if I could get a copy of that essay from last year to refer to?" George asks. 

"Yeah, of course, let me just grab that for you." Ed springs up and runs up the stairs to go and get it. 

George turns to me and smiles. I'm hoping he can't tell that I'm blushing still from messing around with Ed or that I'm making sure my hair is smoothed down. He doesn't seem to think anything. 

"He dragged you into this going over essays stuff too?" he grins. 

"Yeah." I laugh a little. "It sucks."

"Hey, I'm heading into town once I've got this other essay, do you need a lift to that meeting of yours?" he asks. 

"Oh, no thanks, that got cancelled." I say, impressed with myself. "The woman is off sick. Thanks though."

"No problem." he smiles. "We should catch up some time soon. Do you wanna go get drinks on Friday?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice." I smile. I'm not saying to be polite, I really do want to go. George is my friend.

"Here you go George." Ed returns giving him a warm smile. 

"Thanks sir." George smiles back and then leaves. Ed's smile immediately fades. 

"Drinks on Friday with, George, huh?" he says, an eyebrow raised. "Yeah, he's totally over you."

I laugh at him, walking over to him and kissing him. "You're making something out of nothing."


"Shhhh." I hush him, still smiling. I link my hand behind his laugh and he reluctantly smiles, looking around the room. 

"I feel like you're laughing at me." 

"That's because I am." I say, kissing his cheek. "I've gotta go start that assignment you set last week."

He pauses as I let go of him and put my shoes on. "That's due in today!" he calls after me. 

"That's why I'm going to go and do it!" I call back as I leave.

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