At Cambridge

A lot of things happened while I was at Cambridge. There were way too many thoughts and feelings and events and to simply note down, so I guess I'll tell the whole story. That's the only way it's going to make sense.
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28. Twenty eight

George takes me to a nice little bar and we're actually having a really nice time. He keeps making me laugh pointing out different people and guessing what they do for a living, coming up with these really weird jobs. I keep making him laugh by coming up with different back stories for them. It's so nice to be laughing together again, I think that was our main thing, that we made each other laugh and it's nice to be friends and still do that. 

"That guy." he leans in closer to me and talks quietly, point to a large guy with a beard that's just walked in. "That guy is an FBI agent. He's looking for a guy who goes around every bar and pub and eats the whole supply of burgers."

I giggle, leaning in too. "Yeah, but here's the plot twist. He's only looking for that guy because the FBI agent himself wants to eat them."

George laughs. "Yes! Genius. And then he's going to get caught out by his team one day and he's going to be kicked out of the FBI."

"Yes, and then he'll get all angry and go on a crazy revenge mission." I grin and we're both laughing even though it isn't that funny. We both spot the guy looking at us and frowning at the same time and laugh even more. 

"We gotta go." George grins, putting his hands on my waist and lifting me off the bar stool. I imagine how Ed would react to that but I'm sure George was just being friendly. He's not stupid, he knows we broke up and he's fine with that. 

We walk along the street up to the car, talking and still laughing about the night we'd had. We chat for the entire drive home and I feel really happy about the two of us. I'm so glad we're friends, he's just one of those people who you connect to and you're not really sure why. 

"If you get locked out of your dorm this time, just call me instead of wandering around like a weirdo." he nudges me, grinning. 

"Shut up." I laugh.

And then out of nowhere, he grabs my waist again and kisses me. I pull away straight away and stare at him, shocked. Maybe he doesn't get that we've broken up. My heart is beating and I don't really know what to say to him. He steps back, looking at the ground. 

"I'm sorry." he says.

I want to say it's okay but I'm not sure if it is. 

"George. We're... we're just friends." I say.

"I know." he nods, looking  at me. "I just kind of hoped we could go back to how we were."

I sigh, exasperated. "I thought we were... I don't know, I thought we were fine. Friends."

"I just don't understand why we broke up!" he says. "It was out of nowhere. You could have stayed with me and concentrated on your studies. We just needed to balance it a bit more."

I stay quiet. I don't know what to tell him. 

"Was there someone else?" he asks, quietly. 

"George, no." I frown, shaking my head. 

"Then why did you break up with me?" he asks. 

"Can you stop this?" I demand. "I wasn't lying to you before when I said that I wanted to concentrate on university-"

"I think you're lying to me now." he says, deadpan. "I think there's someone else. Did you cheat on me?" 

All of the questions are just getting too much now. I don't want to stand here and make up excuses and lie to him and I don't want to hear him be angry with me and I don't want to be angry with him. I just shake my head and run off, straight to Ed's house and hope he doesn't follow. I stop and look back at one point and see him storming off to his dorm. 

I pause outside Ed's house and catch my breath, wiping the mascara from under my eyes. I don't want him to know anything's wrong. Once I'm convinced I look fine, I knock on his door. He smiles when he opens it and pulls me into a hug as he shuts the door. 

"Hey." he says, cheerily. I feel a hundred times worse hearing him be so nice and friendly and I don't know why. He pulls away and smiles at me but he frowns. God, who am I kidding, of course he noticed I'm upset. My eyes are welling up and I'm forcing a smile.

"What's wrong?" he asks, concerned. He places his hand on my cheek, wiping away one of the tears that has spilled over with his thumb. 

"Nothing." I say even though I'm clearly crying. 


"Nothing's wrong." I say but then I start really crying and he pulls me into a hug again. 

"I'm going to get makeup on your shirt." I say stupidly, not wanting to talk about what's really wrong. 

"I don't care. Tell me what's wrong. What did he do?" 

I pull away and look at him, sniffling. "George?"


"How do you know it was about him?"

"Because I'm not stupid, Dais, what happened?" 

"Nothing bad." I say. I've managed to stop crying now. 

"Dais, just tell me." he says. 

I raise an eyebrow, hopelessly and sigh. "He kissed me. But I pushed him away straight away, I didn't kiss him back or anything, he just did it out of nowhere-"

"For god's sake." Ed mutters and start's pacing around. My heart sinks. I really don't want him to be angry with me. 

"I'm so sorry." I whisper and he turns around and stares at me for a moment. 

"What?" he asks. 

"I'm sorry." I say again. 

"What the hell are you sorry for?" he raises an eyebrow. "I'm pissed at him, not you. What happened after that?" 

"We got into a fight. He thought that I broke up with him because I met someone else and I told him I didn't because I can't really explain you, can I? Then he said he didn't believe me and I just walked away. "

He sighs. "Are you okay?" 

"I'm fine." I nod. "I just didn't want you to be angry with me."

"I'm not angry with you." he says gently, placing his hand on my cheek again for a moment before pulling me towards him and kissing my forehead. 

I glance at the clock. It's nine pm. "I'm locked out." 

He chuckles gently, putting an arm around me as we both wander into his living room. "You can stay the night. We haven't got lectures tomorrow anyway."

I rest my head on his shoulder as we sit on the sofa and he switches the TV on. "Thank you, Ed."

"Whatever you need." he says, almost as if he's reminding me.

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