At Cambridge

A lot of things happened while I was at Cambridge. There were way too many thoughts and feelings and events and to simply note down, so I guess I'll tell the whole story. That's the only way it's going to make sense.
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9. Nine

I wake up ten minutes after my lecture begins the next morning.. 

We stayed up so late just talking and now I have no idea what about because none of it was very important but it seemed important at the time and I didn't drag myself away until four in the morning. I have a two hour English lecture at eight this morning and I wake up at ten past. Even though I should just get dressed and go straight there, I find myself not wanting him to see me looking like crap so by the time I get a quick shower and get my makeup done, I end up walking in half an hour into the lecture. I smile at him apologetically. 

"Sorry." I whisper and he waves it off.

I see Winnie has saved a seat for me and I smile at her, sitting down and getting my stuff out. 

"Thanks." I whisper. 

"No problem." she smiles back. "How come you're so late?"

"Late night." I say and hope she doesn't ask more which she doesn't.

"You want another tonight?" she asks, a little smile on her face. "Me, James, Oscar and Poppy were thinking of going on a night out if you wanna come along. We feel like we haven't seen a lot of you recently, you're always studying in the library."

I laugh quietly. "That sounds fun, yeah."

"Awesome. Come to mine and Poppy's room at seven, we'll get ready and then the boys will pick us up at eight."

James, Oscar, Poppy and Winnie are the friends I've made here, I guess. I like them. It's all still very new but we all get along well. I think we all like this new group of friends we have seeing as none of us knew each other before we came here. 

I study for an hour or two that afternoon in my dorm room and then go to the library. Edward's already there. 

"Hi..." he says without looking up from his laptop screen, concentrating for a moment and then smiling at me. "Hi. Sorry, working on tomorrow's history presentation. Could you show up on time to that one, please?"

"Ha ha." I say and then actually laugh. "I'm sorry about that. To be fair, it was your fault."

"I stayed up as late as you and I got there before anyone." he protests.

"Nerd." I mutter under my breath and then grin at him. He grins back. 

We do the usual chatting and working and reading for an hour before I start packing my things away. He raises an eyebrow at all of the things going back in my bag and then at me. 

"You're going already?" he asks. 

"Yeah, I'm going out tonight with my friends, I've gotta get ready."

One side of his mouth quirks up. "You're going on a night out?" 

I frown at him, smiling at the same time. "Yeah. So?" 

He shrugs, still smiling that same smile. "Nothing."

"What?" I insist. 

He laughs. "I don't know. You don't seem like a night out person."

"Well, it's happening, accept it and move on." I smile at him as I sling my bag over my shoulder. "See you tomorrow."

He chuckles. "Whatever. Don't make bad decisions. Have fun."

I just laugh at him as I leave to walk over to Poppy and Winnie's room. We all get ready together and it's fun to be spending time with girls talking about girly things like makeup and clothes and whatever. After the use of a lot of glitter, mascara and hairspray, we're ready and we all look nice and feel it. There's a brief moment on our way to James' car where I kind of hope I see Edward. Or I kind of hope Edward sees me. 

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