At Cambridge

A lot of things happened while I was at Cambridge. There were way too many thoughts and feelings and events and to simply note down, so I guess I'll tell the whole story. That's the only way it's going to make sense.
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40. Forty

"I can't stay the night tonight." I say when Ed opens the door that night. I don't get there until late because I stayed in the office later than usual. He frowns as I kiss his cheek and shuts the door behind him. 

"How come?" he asks, following me into the living room. 

"I have to call Junie and read that chapter of Gatsby again so that I remember what happened and then I have to rewrite that whole part of my essay." I explain. 

"Alright. What time are you going? Will Lucy let you in?" 

I shrug, glancing at the clock. "Yeah. And I don't know, like nine?" 

He sighs, raising his eyebrows. "Dais, it's half eight right now, that's like no time at all."

I smile a little smugly at him. "Somebody's clingy."

His face relaxes and he sighs that sigh he does when he's trying to be annoyed but can't be and laughs the laugh he does for the same reason. 

"I'm not clingy. I just want to see you properly, is that too much to ask?" he smiles, linking his hands at the small of my back. 

"No." I smile back. "But asking me to redo my entire Gatsby paper is."

He laughs, letting go of me and flopping down on the sofa. "You should have done it better the first time round then."

"You're a douche." I say, sitting down beside him. 

Half an hour later, I have to leave again however much I'd like to stay. I kiss him goodnight but just as I'm a few steps out of the door, he calls after me. I frown, turning around and he grins at me, leaning against the door frame and swinging my bag in the air. 

"Forgetting something?" he calls. 

"Can you please get rid of that smug little smile on your face?" I raise an eyebrow, walking back towards him and reaching for my bag.

He yanks it back so I can't reach it, still grinning at me. I narrow my eyes and go to grab it again but he takes another step back. I sigh, laughing and finally grab it. He laughs too, pulling me towards him and kissing me. I kiss him back for a moment and then pull away, sighing. I look up at him, my bottom lip sticking out. 

"I don't wanna go." I sulk. 

He mimics my expression. "Well you should be better at writing essays, shouldn't you?" 

I can't help but laugh, tilting my head upwards and kissing him again, quickly. "See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow." he says, stepping back into the house. "I love you!"

I know he just said it because he knows it bugs me when we say it so often, I can tell by the stupid grin on his face. "Shut up!" I call back and I hear him laughing as he shuts the door behind him. I walk home happily. Even though he did say it to annoy me and as a joke, he meant it and nothing makes me happier than that.

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