Fire, burning, fire

"How is he?"
"oh, not that good, the doctors are worried about him." ...


2. where's ...

So I am getting photos with the boys and it is one of the best days until, suddenly, the fire alarm goes of and I hear screams and people are running down the hall way crying. Then the room that I am in starts to fill up with smoke and everyone starts coughing and running out. Bang. Bang. Bang. I look behind me and none of one direction boys are behind me but Zayn. He is running behind me then he falls over and trying to get up but he fails so I go back to help him but he is unconscious so I decide to carry him out. When I get out of the building with zayn, I put him down on the bed in an ambulance and the ambulance goes in a rush.


Then I go back in to try and find the rest of the boys and I can hear screaming from Niall, louis and Liam they are all trapped under the same thing and I let them free and Liam can walk but Niall and louis can't stand up so I take Niall out and Liam takes louis but Liam falls and he can't stand back up so I  look around and see some sort of trolley that the boys can sit on so I can push them all out together. So I go and get it. But when I get back Niall and Louis are unconscious and Liam is Drowsy. So I put Liam on first then Louis and then Niall. As I am walking outside I think I hear my name being called but I'm not sure so I stop and listen out, but I cant hear it so I carry on abd go out the doors and paramedics rush over to me and the boys and one of their management people come over looks at me then at the boys and one of the paramedics said "they all are unconscious but should be fine, but any longer in there they wouldn't of been so lucky." And the person from their management sighs a big sigh relief. As I look around I wonder where Harry is so I ask "erm, excuse me where is Harry do you know?" and he says "someone told me that he was still in there knocked out but they couldn't help because she is weak and pregnant and she doesn't want to harm her baby." Then someone random said "he is still in there I seen him when I was coming out he is on the floor unconscious I tried to help but I couldn't the rubble that is on top of him is to heavy for me".  "oh, ok" I say turning around to go back in side to look for Harry. "where do you think your going?" the same person from the management says to me and I say "I'm going to look for harry and see if there's anyone else in there, why?" and grabbing the trolley and running inside to find more people who needs help without letting that management guy reply to me. I find him and pull him out of the rubble and put him on the trolley and make my way outside, but when I get near to the door my eyes start to get drowsy and when I get outside I collapse gasping of air. Then everything goes black.

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