Fire, burning, fire

"How is he?"
"oh, not that good, the doctors are worried about him." ...


3. I'm okay. But...

When I wake up 3 days later I am in hospital with the 5 boys around me, louis and Niall are in their own clothes but the other 3 are in hospital gowns. I sit up and say "hello how come I have came to visit me?" "because we were worried and we feel guilty" Zayn says "why?" I reply "Because it is our fault that you are in this state" Liam said looking guilty "don't feel like that I will be fine and I did it because I wanted to not because I had to, it was my choice"I said trying to make the boys feel better " I know but we are only here now because of you and we had to make sure you are ok and you're not alone" louis said "oh thank you, I but you don't need to waste your time on me because you 3 need to get better and you 2 need to go home to your family so they know your ok" I said "but we want 2 stay here with you" Niall said worryingly and a bit pushy  then Louis said "we know we don't have to stay but we are because we want to not because we have to, it is our choice" mimicking one of my earlier reply's which caused us all to chukle "you can do what I want but I'm just saying"I said changing the subject "anyway when did you get let home?" I ask Louis and Niall "When we got here" Niall and louis said at the same time "oh that's good do you three know when your allowed out?" I asked harry, Liam and Zayn "Yes later today" Liam said "no" harry replied "tomorrow" Zayn said "oh that's good" I said and asking "how are you all feeling?" "Not that good"  Harry said and he collapsed "HARRY!!" I called for a nurse but I wasn't allowed out of bed, to see if he is okay, because of everything that was on me. The nurse and doctors rushed in and told the rest of the boys to get out of the room and 1 nurse noticed I was awake and took nearly all of the wires and tubes that where attached to me, off I so I could move. "What's wrong with him ?" I asked worryingly "I don't know sorry, I haven't been his nurse" the nurse said trying to make me stop worrying. They get a bed and take him away then the other boys come back in. "Are you okay?" Niall and Liam asks. "Yes thanks for asking" I reply "but what is wrong with harry?" I ask. "We don't know" louis replied "when we asked him all he said was" Zayn said "he is fine and he will get better" Niall Said "so let's go and see you and check your not alone and make sure you are okay." Liam said. "Oh, let's go and ask the doctors then" I say and the boys agree. So I try and get out of bed but my legs are aching so the boys come over to help but I say "no, I want to get out of bed myself please" I say politely and they say "ok" and they step back to give I room but close enough to catch me if I fall. So when I am out of bed I realised I have got my pj's on and not and hospital gown so I am happier because I didn't want to wear one. "Where is he?" The boys ask while I am at the nurse saying "where is harry and what is wrong with him?" "He's been take for a c-t scan and he said don't tell anyone what is wrong with him" the nurse replies. "Oh" I say wanting to know more "will he be okay though?" I ask just making shaw "well yes he should be in a couple of months" she said trying to make me feel better.

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