Fire, burning, fire

"How is he?"
"oh, not that good, the doctors are worried about him." ...


4. Home

I get sent to my bed because a doctor wanted to see me. "you have made a full recovery so you will be out later today" the nice young doctor said to me. "oh, ok thank I doctor" I say trying to be polite. So the boys come in and said "we don't know where harry is, so what did the doctor say?"  "I can go home later today" I reply "that's good" Niall said.

Later that day my mum and dad come in with a change of clothes but I am more interested on walking around the ward trying to find harry. So my mum and dad are at the side of my bed and when I walk in they shout "Katerina" and they hug me tight and I slip out between them.


I ask them "are you mad at me?"  because I am worried that they are, my mum and dad look at each other and say "no why would we be, we are actually very, very proud of you" I reply with "I was only asking "


"Anyway " my dad says awkwardly "here you are we brought you some clothes just in case you want to get changed, but you don't have to." "Yes, I want to" I reply " you know I hate beings in Pjs all day" so I go and get changed then I walk back in and I say "these aren't my clothes" "They are now" says my mum with a big smile on her face " do I like them?" "Yes I really do, but they are really expensive" I say "let's go home" my mum and dad said at the same time, egger to get home for some wired reason but I thought nothing of it because 1) I was worried about harry and 2) they might of been excited to get me home and ou5t of hospital.


On the way home I ask my mum to ring my grandad to come down to see me but she says "he is out with my auntie today."


When I get in, most of  my family are there (and my granddad) and there were A lot of prezzies for me on the couch."what are all these for?" I ask. "There are off of the boys and a couple of us" my mum says "but why" I reply "you risked your life to save them" my mum and dad says "so open them" said Niall "what are I waiting for" louis and Liam. "Any news on harry yet " I say not wanting to open the presents. "No not yet " louis replied. everyone said "just open them ". "Ok, calm down." I replied chuckling. When I was opening all my presents I was thinking that I didn't deserve this and about Harry. But I didn't want anyone to know so I had a smile on my face acting like I was enjoying myself but I wasn't.

After I opened my presents we had a little party were more of my family came and some other people I haven't seen or met before, I think they knew the boys. The party was quite fun although I wasn't fully enjoying myself. I have never seen as many people in my house before and I quite liked it because I am a very sociable person. When it got to 9:45pm people started to leave which I didn't mind considering I was pretty tired, which the doctor said I would be because I wasn't fully recovered. So I ended up going to bed before everyone left because I could hardly keep me eyes open.


The next morning I woke up my normal time for a week day because I have school today. So I go downstairs to my mum and ask for my school clothes but she said I'm not allowed to go back it yet because I'm not fully recovered and she needs to keep an eye on me, doctors orders. Great, missing another day of school which means a lot more work to catch up on so I try to make her change her mind but she is stubborn when it comes with health and education so I give up knowing I'm not going to win. So I then ask about my dad and she said he has gone back to work, which I have got to say I am quite happy for, and before you say anything, I do love my dead but he is a big pain in the ass when he is at home and I can't be bothered with him at home today.

About 5-10 minuets later my older brother walks into the living room (my brother is only in college 3 days a week) which I thought was weird because he usually goes straight into the spare room down stairs to go onto his game. So I decided to ask him about it. "Patrick, aren't you going on your game" and he said he will later because he wanted to sit with me. Which is weird because he never wants to because I annoy him to much when I'm bored (which I do on purpose because it's fun and his reactions are funny).

About 20 minuets later my mum says that Patrick has to watch me for a bit because she is going to the shops for something for tea tonight and my brothers says ok, which I groan at and say "I'm not a baby, I don't need baby sitting" and my mum just looks at me and says " You are my baby girl and I just want to make sure you are ok, which mums do." Then, when she left the downstairs spare room door opens and someone walks out and says "I'm hungry" in an Irish accent and walks into the living room and sits down next to me. "hey" he says "hi Niall, How come you slept over last night?" "You're parents said we could because we aren't allowed to drive yet and because Harry is still in hospital" he replied. "we?" I asked, "yes. We all slept over" " oh ok" I replied. I then asked "would you like some breakfast?" he said yes but I can't make it because I need to rest, which is stupid because I am fine so I argue against it and he gives in so I ask "when will the others be up?" and he said "they should be up soon and if not we can wake them up" so I said ok and walked into the kitchen and started to make pancakes, scrambled eggs, toast and cook some bacon. So when I was done making breakfast we went into the 2 spare rooms upstairs and woke up to other boys which was quite funny because we were jumping on them screaming and they all started groaning and tells us to leave them alone so I said, "ok Niall, looks like that means there is more pancakes, scrambled eggs, toast and bacon for us, they obviously don't want any" well I can easily say that I regret saying that because they all got up and ran down the stairs like little kids on Christmas day screaming and shouting, which left me on the floor in tears crying laughing by there reactions. So while they were eating breakfast I got a shower and got dressed and left my hair to dry and went back downstairs to see if they were finish and to clean up after them. But when I came down everywhere was clean and tidy and the boys where either watching tv in the living room or in the spare room with my brother playing on the xbox 1.


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