What I Need

Caia Johnson is 23 and stuck between juggling motherhood and the on going battles between her parents and her daughter, Summer, father Blake. After 7 years of being a single mother, will Caia be able to get over Blake, let her parents fix their problems themsleves and look to the future or will she crack under the pressure of trying to get Blake back into both Caia and Summer's lives?


6. The morning after

Caia had stayed over in Minnesota and a lot of unexpected events occurred between Blake and herself. She woke up lay next to Blake in bed, who was looking at her a smiling. His caramel hair was shining; his tanned skin covered in dropds of sweat; his white teeth shining like the moon at night. "Morning." He said, leaning in to kiss Caia but she pulled away. "Blake, wait. What happened last night?" Caia asked, yawning. "We just got a bit drunk and cuddled in bed. Don't worry, I didn't try and impregnate you again like I succeeded in doing 7 years ago." He explained, Caia now accepting the kiss after learning there wasn't a possibility she might be pregnant and realising she was still wearing the denim shorts she arrived in and her bra. "Thank god for that! I didn't want another kid to care for." She said, placing her head on Blake's toned chest. "What of we did though? Would you keep it!" He asked. Caia lifted up her head "Of course I'd keep it, I'd have real stability and support this time." She said. "I'd stay around you know. I would make a mess and move upstate like I did with Summer." He explained. "Blake I need to get home, I need to pick up Summer from school." She said, grabbing her daisy cami and white converses. "Can I come? I want to see my child, Cai." Blake said, putting on a white tee and some black shorts over his boxers and tanned body. "Yea, she'll love seeing you I guess." Caia said, grabbing her phone and keys and tying up her hair before kissing Blake and heading to her car with Blake following slowly rapidly behind. Finally, Summer would see her father.

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