What I Need

Caia Johnson is 23 and stuck between juggling motherhood and the on going battles between her parents and her daughter, Summer, father Blake. After 7 years of being a single mother, will Caia be able to get over Blake, let her parents fix their problems themsleves and look to the future or will she crack under the pressure of trying to get Blake back into both Caia and Summer's lives?


14. The Final Chapter

Today was the day when Caia closed the chapter of her life that she called 'Bleak and Depressing' and opening the one she called 'Happiness in a matter of months'. Blake had moved in with her and Summer, Blake proposed so they had a wedding to plan, they were moving into a bigger house once Blake's business set of and once Caia's second salon in Sioux Falls had set of to. Caia had been through a turbulent few years, but now with Blake beside her she could forget and look to the future. Caia's salon got more recognition and she was opening many more around South Dakota as well as designing her own products to start of a hair and beauty brand of her own. Blake had opened a pop up shop in the Vermillion mall with all of his designs which went well so he now had a clothing brand for men, women and children called Aston. Rose. Thorn (all of there middle names except Summer's third name Mackenna). Life was good for the Johnson- Mayer family and hopefully it would be restored to it's formed glory from before the break up. 

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